H&R 939 Ultra "Sidekick" .22 Revolver

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    Hello ya'll;

    I am just brand new to the forum here, and I am looking to stick around a long time, but I first have to unleash the whole reason I joined. I have been flipping through this forum for months and it seems everyone is very knowledgable and/or willing to help at the least.

    I was willed down a revolver that I had not seen since I was probably five years old, nor did I even know it still existed. I learned to shoot at the age of six (if memory serves me) on this gun and after my grandfather died it seemingly died with him until uncovered in a box that must have been hit with water damage a good Baker's Dozen a-times over the past 15 to 20 years.

    It is an H&R 939 Ultra "Sidekick" (HR 939 on one side of barrel with Worc, Mass and the -Ultra Sidekick- on the other side of the barrel). It is a 9-load .22 revolver with a 5 1/4" barrel and a real nice (at one time) 2-piece wood handle. I can't tell what kind of wood because of the corrosion. It is Serial Number U24727.

    As I understand, H&R coded their Serials in such a way that I believe this to be produced in 1958. Does that seem accurate (http://forum.pafoa.org/question-answ...ms-page-5.html)? I don't care about how much it would be is worth (not much, anyhow) but I am interested in any other information if anyone can dig some up? I've been rifling through web sites (pardon the pun) and am not having the greatest of luck.

    Now this ole' girl has a ridiculous amount of corrosion and rust on the trigger, stock, hammer, etc. etc. etc. The barrel looks to be in pretty good condition (exterior) but the rest needs a major overhaul. I am going to take to it with some ought-wool and try some bluing and such. Anyone have any suggestions on cleaning this gal up? I don't know if you can see from the pictures, but she's in rough shape.

    Thank you very much and I enjoy being part of the FAF! Thank you!
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    Whoops!!! Forgot the pictures, here ya go!

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    And as you can see, there is a good-deal of rust damage, especially in the second picture. Both sides of the gun are this way, all except the barrel, which somehow missed the damage...
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    Dec 30, 2003
    houston, tx
    MODEL 939 ULTRA SIDEKICK----------------------------1957-1972
    Solid Frame, Double Action, Swing-out cylinder, Square Butt, 22 Long Rifle Caliber, 9 shot, Blue Finish, Barrel Length 6 inches, Flat Sided Bull
    VALUE: 100%=$295 60%=$175

    (TRANSFER BAR IGNITION)-------------------------1973-1980
    Solid Frame, Double Action, Swing-out cylinder, Square Butt, 22 Long Rifle Caliber, 9 shot, Blue Finish, Barrel Length 6 inches, Flat Sided Bull
    VALUE: 100%=$275 60%=$155

    this revolver would be rated at less than 60% and valued about $100 or less. when the model 939 was introduced in 1957 it was H&R's top of the line solid frame revolver. you are correct in that this revolver was manufactured in 1958. more information on this model and other H&R firearms will be in my H&R book due out in 2009.
  5. jesseleiker

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    Well thank you very much Bill! I really appreciate that information! Wow! Didn't expect so much, to be honest...and I didn't expect the value to be so high (obviously not mine, in the condition it is in). I am going to move on with cleaning it up with some 4-0 steel wool and other goodies and see where I can land with this guy. I intend on keeping it anyhow, hopefully I can get her nice and shiny! Thanks again Bill!
  6. jesseleiker

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    I also just spoke with my Grandmother and apparently my Grandpa received this gun as a gift from his dad after graduating Washburn Law School. They were avid hunters and both District Judges and my grandpa took over for his dad upon graduating. This was a little something extra! Guns are always more fun when they have a story, aren't they?
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