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    Oct 21, 2012
    I inherited an S&W CTGE 32 cal 5 shot revolver from my father. I was going through the past threads to find out information on what it is worth. It is a top break model with a 2 inch barrel. found the serial number on under the grip. it is 124095. Some past searches indicates it could be 1913 -1915. My understanding is that my dad bought it in about 1958. The finish has some areas that need to be buffed out.
    Also any help on the correct ammunition that is safe to use. I have a box of Remington R32SW high velocity, center fire, 88 grain, lead, cartridges.

    Any help would be great.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Welcome to TFF.

    I have no H&R info beyond what you found in past queries, but I'm curious about the Remington ammo you list:

    Is the box actually marked "high velocity"? The little .32 S&W cartridge is not a high velocity round, and I doubt any major manufacturer would load a "souped up" version, as there are many old top-break revolvers like yours that would be unsafe with such.

    I believe the cartridge marking on barrel identifies yours as made for the standard smokeless powder .32 S&W cartridge (the short one, not .32 S&W Long).

    Do not fire .32ACP (.32 Auto) ammo, which will also chamber but is too hot a load.
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