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  1. DeweyH

    DeweyH New Member

    Aug 14, 2012
    Jim, Here's the date on my H&R Sportsman:
    SN: K 829 ( also same marks on back of cylinder)
    Right side barrel: Harrington and Richardson Arms Co.
    Worcester, Mass, USA
    Left side barrel: H&R Sportsman
    Double Action
    Right side in front of cylinder: 22 long rifle CTC
    Firing pin: On the hammer
    Sight: Adjustable front
    Grip: One piece wood checked

    Any info, DOM greatly appreciated.
  2. carle1953

    carle1953 New Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    I have two sportsmans that do not seem to fit in.
    Serial #'s 38692, 38693
    Firing pins are on hammer
    Safety rim, No patent dates
    Small Push button release
    No Manufactures address
    Adjustable front pinned sight
    Two piece grips
    One pistol is serial marked on the side of the frame
    The other is marked on top of frame under the cylinder
    Both pistols have a tapered hole through the backstrap and a milled slot in the bottom of the grip frame. Two xx's appear beside the slots.
    Pistols are marked 1 and 2 on top grip frame.
    I will try and post pictures
  3. kskkommando

    kskkommando New Member

    Oct 7, 2012
    Greencastle, PA
    I have a h&r sportsman double action 9 shot .22 lr the firing pin is on the hammer and it was made in Harrington & Richardson Arms co. Warcaster, Mass, USA. The seriol # is 73106.
    My questions are:
    When was it made?
    What model is it?

    Thanks, Colton
  4. HossFly

    HossFly New Member

    Jul 15, 2012
    OK - I have i guess a early 1st production maybe?-
    Double Action
    Serial #260
    Patent Applied For on cylinder & also 260 twice
    Right side marked 22 LONG RIFLE CTG
    Left side H&R Sportsman
    Firing pin in frame
    Front sight non adjustable & pinned
    Rear looks to be adjustable for windage only?
    One piece checkered stocks-
    Finish is bad, i'd like to restore it since it was bought new by my wifes Grandfather & handed down to her Father & now me (he had no sons & I'm the only son'in'law that he felt deserved it since his other two are dummies )
    Real bad indoor phone pic--
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  5. philbart

    philbart New Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    It has become apparent, recently, that there are some holes in the H&R SPORTSMAN history and development both in the Double Action 999 and the Single Action 199. More research is warranted to fill in those holes. IF you own any H&R SPORTSMAN and would like to contribute to the research, I would appreciate the following information (pics would be a great asset):
    1. Serial Number (partials are welcome, but entire numbers will help more)?
    2. Firing pin on hammer or mounted in frame?
    Firing pin is mounted in the frame.
    3. Safety rim on cylinder? PATENT APPLIED FOR; one patent number; two patent numbers?
    I am assuming the safety rim is the "guard" on each side of the frame covering the otherwise exposed rounds in the cylinder. If I am correct in my assumption, then the answer to the question is "yes" - there is a safety rim. The safety rim is part of the frame not the cylinder. I do not see any markings indicating a patent application or anything like that on the firearm.
    4. Cylinder release: 1" long lever on right side -or- small push button on left side of frame right in front of cylinder.
    The cylinder release is a small push button on the left side of the frame - right in front of the cylinder.
    5. Location of Manufacturer's address - on top of barrel -or- on right side?
    The location of manufacture is Gardner MA. This is stamped on what I understand to be the left side of the firearm directly below the cylinder.
    6. DA or SA?
    This revolver is DA. It can also be used SA by manually cocking the hammer.
    7. Adjustable or fixed front sight? If fixed - soldered in slot or pinned in slot?
    The front sight is adjustable. There is no rear sight.
    I will try to describe the pistol further. I believe the pistol was purchased new by my father in the late 70s early 80s timeframe. I do not know where he purchased the pistol. I recently acquired the pistol from my father and have done so with a fully legal transfer in the Commonwealth of MA. My understanding is the pistol was used once. My sense is it has had less than 50 rounds fired in it. The pistol is in very good condition. I believe the barrel to be 6 inches. The bluing appears to be in excellent condition. The handle is a two piece walnut grip arrangement with the small H&R logos embedded in each side of the handle above the checkering portion.
    All the stamping (except the serial number) is on what I understand to be the left side of the pistol. The barrel is stamped "SPORTSMAN". The serial number is stamped on the bottom of the handle.
    I have attempted to attach a picture. It is my hope that this was successful.

    I am curious what year this pistol was made and what the present value might be. I also have the original cardboard box which is in excellent condition. Any information you have would be welcome. Thanks.

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