1. c arrendale

    c arrendale New Member

    Dec 18, 2009
    I have came accross a Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. pistol. the barrel is 6in, and has 38S&WC stamped on the left side. 5 shot, top loader? and auto eject. I took the grips off and the #'s are 346968 these #'s are on 2 different places . 38S&W seems commin but the (C) I can't figuer out.This gun has a shiney finish and is supper clean!!! Ive shot 38sc rounds and it shoots GREAT. any thoughts would help not sure what I have and how old it is. Do I need to store it or have fun with it.
    Thanks Chad
  2. marcodelat

    marcodelat Member

    Mar 21, 2009
    Well H&R handguns made for smokeless powder loads will usually have their caliber, in this case .38 S&W - stamped as 38S&W CTGE on the barrel- the "CTGE" stands for cartridge.

    My guess is that the C is just a light stamping. Are you able to make out any other "faint" letters?

  3. c arrendale

    c arrendale New Member

    Dec 18, 2009
    Now that you say that. Their are faint letters but I cant make them out.
  4. b.goforth

    b.goforth New Member

    Dec 30, 2003
    houston, tx
    of the three seperate model of the H&R auto-ejecting only the third model is safe with modern ammo. this revolver is most likely a third or fourth variation.

    (SMOKELESS POWDER)--------------------------------------1905-1940
    Auto-ejecting mechanism, Calibers 32 S&W Long, 6 shot cylinder capacity, 38 S&W caliber 5 shot cylinder capacity, hard rubber grip panels with Target Logo, nickel finish (blue optional), barrel lengths of 2½ (rare), 3¼ (standard), 4, 5 & 6 inches available, top of barrel markings include company name and address and early production has patent dates, the one recognizable difference in the Second and Third Models is the caliber is marked on the left side of the barrel on the Third Model. “IF IT HAS A CALIBER MARKED ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BARREL THEN IT WAS MANUFACTURED FOR SMOKELESS POWDER”
    First Variation 4 patent dates (5-14 & 8-6-89, 4-2-95, 4-7-97) model name and caliber on left side of barrel------------1905-1908
    Second Variation 2 patent dates (8-6-89 and 10-8-95) model name and caliber on left side of barrel----------------------1909-1912
    Third Variation no patent dates the name of the state is marked as MASS-------------------------------------------1913-1915
    Fourth Variation no patent dates the state name of Massachusetts is spelled------------------------------------------1916-1924
    Fifth Variation new grip frame, it is now the same size as the rest of the frame with no step down for the grip panel—------1925-1941
    After 1931 listed in Catalogs as: AUTOMATIC EJECTING No. 10 .32 S&W LONG CALIBER 6 shots and as the AUTOMATIC EJECTING No. 25 .38 S&W CALIBER 5 shots
    After 1932 listed in Catalogs as: AUTOMATIC EJECTING No. 20..38 S&W CALIBER 5 shots
    VALUE: 100%=$235 60%=$85 For all Auto-Ejecting 3rd Models; add 75% premium for 2½” barrel; add 25% for 4”, 5” & 6” barrels; add 15% for blue finish;