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    Feb 24, 2010
    Oklahoma, USA

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    Once upon a time,
    There was this american indian boy. One day he went up to one of the village elders and asked;
    "Grandfather, why are there good people and bad people ?"
    The old man said, "Inside the heart of every person, there are two wolves fighting for that persons heart and soul. One wolf is love, the other wolf is hate."
    Then the boy asked; "Which one wins ?"

    To which the old man replies; "Which ever one you feed the most."


    I like you my brother, but your feeding the wrong wolf.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    oh is that the place where i was tossed outta for taking bacon sammiches?

    wondered what that was about ..

    Haligan sorry to disappoint.. i be what i be a product of the sum of my experiences

    2 drive by's

    a couple stabbings

    and a acid attack thats scared my face a little , but that was meant for the young lady i was trying to protect , she was Muslim , being forced by her family to marry a guy 40 years her elder ..

    not one charge ever laid , when i demanded they be charged i was told i was racist

    i have to approved fatwa's against me a couple more but only local ones

    so excuse me if i make war back on those who make war on me and my nation , and enjoy a joke at their expence

    i'm a baaaaaad boy

    i know it , God knows it ,

    as long as the jihadis know it i'm ok

    the first time they think i'm weak though , me and my family are dead

    or should i just roll over here and now ??

    or would you like to broker a peace deal ?

    i'm offering to put a piece of them here there and other places if they try this junk ,

    maybe i need a professional negotiator

    a specialist in Dhimmitude ..


    tell ya what , come on over , i'll shout you a air ticket

    you take my place and have that attitude ,

    that way i'll only have to buy a one way ticket..

    but yeah i'm just a hate filled old racist eh ..

    shame on me , bad jack , mad jack

    but i'm a live jack and my family is safe while i am ..

    spend 5 mins in my boots

    you'll last 3 ..
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    Feb 25, 2008
    FEMA Region II
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    Jan 11, 2010
    islamic shootings in 1 city where there aint no guns ... ( not law abiding folks anyway )

    Dec 06: Man and son escape injury after shots fired at house in Mt Pritchard
    Nov 24: Shots fired at inner Sydney pub
    Nov 07: Shootings from bikie dispute between the Nomads and the Hells Angels 'not a war'
    Nov 06: Bikie disputes behind shootings in Sydney: police
    Nov 06: Shooting at Ibrahim family home in Merrylands, Sydney
    Nov 06: Botched hit began gang war in west
    Nov 03: Police investigate a drive-by shooting in Hammers Road, Northmead
    Nov 03: Home sprayed with bullets
    Nov 04: Battle in suburbia - drive-by shootings on the rise (Google Map with locations)
    Nov 01: Man charged over drive-by shooting
    Oct 31: Drive-bys target gang family members
    Oct 31: Shots fired in alleged Sydney brawl
    Oct 30: Canley Heights, Holroyd and Granville homes hit in Sydney shooting spree
    Oct 30: Several drive-by shooting attacks in Sydney suburbs in one night
    Oct 28: Shots fired at a row of stores in western Sydney
    Oct 01: Sydney home sprayed with bullets in drive-by shooting
    Sep 26: Teenager shot in stomach by police at his home in Holmes Street, Colyton
    Sep 26: Kim Mann charged with murder following shooting death of man at Bonnyrigg
    Sep 14: Bikie link as house, car sprayed with bullets in drive-by shooting
    Sep 06: Shots fired at Revesby this was me being shot at while shopping
    Sep 06: Shots fired at a unit in Eden Street, Arncliffe
    Sep 06: Twelfth Sydney shooting in three weeks
    Sep 06: Eleventh Sydney shooting in three weeks
    Sep 05: Man shot in leg at Guildford in Sydney's west
    Sep 05: More shots fired in Guildford
    Sep 05: Shootings don't scare off buyers in Merrylands
    Sep 05: Shootings don't scare me. Drive-by shooting suburb a real estate hot spot
    Sep 05: Man found on in Bursill Street, Guildford with a shotgun wound
    Sep 05: Man shot in leg at Guildford in Sydney's west
    Aug 31: Three arrested after Greenacre shooting
    Aug 30: Gun shots exchanged between two cars in Greenacre
    Aug 28: Merrylands under rule of the gun ( this one is where they blocked off an entire suburb and shot or chased out all non muslims )
    Aug 26: Socceroo target of drive-by in Sydney
    Aug 25: Another day in Sydney - another shooting
    Aug 25: Bullet holes found in a car on Lackey Street, Merrylands
    Aug 24: Bullets hit house on Francis Street, Fairfield
    Aug 24: Bullets fly again in city suburbs
    Aug 23: Strikeforce formed over spate of Sydney shootings
    Aug 23: Three escape injury after shots fired into Bossley Park home
    Aug 23: Bullets hit house on Lachlan Street, Bossley Park
    Aug 22: Pizza shop hit by bullets on Merrylands Road, Merrylands
    Aug 22: Two men shot in Barcom Street, Merrylands
    Aug 21: Bullets strike house on Eddy Street, Merrylands West
    Aug 20: Bullets strike hairdressing salon on Harris Street, Fairfield
    Aug 19: Bullets strike house on Mallacoota Street, Wakeley, near Fairfield
    Jun 17: Two arrested over Sydney shooting
    May 30: Detectives probe Sydney shooting at Casula
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    Mar 6, 2011
    I don't get it. A devotely religious man being true to his religion. Isn't this the type of law he wants for the rest of us? Then I'm sure he must feel it is just and wants to accept it as the undisputed will of allah doobie doo.
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    Jan 11, 2010
  8. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    he amde a statement that there was no true inheritance line ( next of kin ) to mahomed and its true , but so many in islam state they are a decendant so he got 500 lashes

    cant upset those with power and imagine themselves the next caliph now can we?

    the fact of islam is islam dont like facts .. they make it up as they go and if you counter that , you must be punished , luckily he is muslim so only got 500 lashes , if he was not a muslim he'd be dead
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    Feb 25, 2008
    FEMA Region II
    They hate us ? right ?
    We hate them ? right ?
    I think we can both agree that the powers that be want it exactly that way.
    We both know the news, media, newspapers are all bought, and put their message out as directed from the powers that be.

    While they rob billions, inflate trillions, and trade QUAdrillions on some fictitious computer screen. They play us off against each other. Hate against hate, these damn parasites sit on top of us and crap all over us and laugh all the way from one palace to the next. I know there is genuine evil umongst these muslim animals. But all I'm suggesting is we not play the game that has been set up for us. The Egyptian Pharoes kept the factions of slaves fighting umongst themselves for generations. You've got to see it. You've got to.
    I'm not your enemy, if I didn't like ya I wouldn't have said a damn word.

    Mabe I was wrong to say anything, mabe I wasn't. Mabe if I could take it back I would. I apologize, I did not mean to offend or insult.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    no offence taken really , but i am tired of folks who say i'm a hate filled hater ,

    i'll help anyone if i can , My faith says i should , so i do my best to do so

    but when i am attacked for no other reason than my military service , then thats covered by folks who say i must be more tollerant , that i caused it by flaunting my military decorations ( i wear them once a year , ANZAC Day and not all of them either )

    then i'm attacked as they dont want crusader living near them , but again its my fault for living near then ..

    then i help the young lady and wore the acid meant for her, that too was my fault for helping her escape sexual slavery ..

    then they decided i may be too tough to get so got their socialist friends to start trying to find WHERE MY GRAND KIDS GO TO SCHOOL as they are easier targets and still its my fault

    you just came in on the end of all this

    its a war but no-one is saying so

    they call it jihad and duty and explain it so to all but thats not what they mean i'm told by folks like you

    its not their fault , its all mine ,

    i should roll over and be killed as thats way easier than facing facts

    they wish global domination over us

    they want us all dead or slaves and they wont rest until they get it , and theres millions out there saying shoosh dont upset them ..

    we dont have to upset them , just being non muslim upsets them

    i hope you never need to learn , need to make a stand

    its awful lonely ,but if you do , call .. i'll help if i can
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    Oct 29, 2011
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    Jake you need to move to a better nieghborhood, It's doing something to you.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    give this vid time to upload , its banned as it shows the truth and the faces of Jihad here when you see the court riot look for me , i was attacked then the journalists and look at the cops , just standing by as they have been instructed to not touch these people as the law suites got too expencive , that too is Jihad , Lawfare ..