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    That's what Napalm is for

    RJay I couldn't agree with you more
  2. Actually that was what Agent Orange was for... :(

    Napalm would have made us "Crispy Critters" on the spot.... :eek:

    Agent O kills ya many years later... :mad:

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    That's an awesome sword! I want one!
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    Too much violence against a defenseless sharfoo. ROFLMAO
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    Well I am glad someone watched it.
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    Nov 28, 2010
    My dad used to drive a V100 escorting supply convoys in Vietnam. He said they used to spray agent orange right beside them sometimes to kill the vegetation along the highway.....and of course the wind would blow it all over them. I just don't get how our government didn't figure that if it kills plants, how it wouldn't be harmful to our troops.
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    You velly scelly man! Me much nervous watch video!! :lmao2: