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    Our country was created as a republic, meaning we are a country that is ruled by law. The law is the United States Constitution. All other "laws" and statutes had to comply or they were null and void.

    During the Civil War, our government was suspended and a state of emergency was declared. To bring our country back together, the conquering "Union" forced through the radical Reconstruction Acts.

    The Constitution is a contract that the states and their people made formulating a federation with limited power. The responsibilities of the created central government were spelled out and limited by the contract.

    In 1867, the 10 square miles of Washington, D.C., incorporated itself in "an act to establish a government for the United States."

    In law, a natural person is a sovereign ruling over his life, having the last word. The natural persons of America created the Constitution to hold back central government intrusion in our lives. After the Civil War, the central government turned the contract around through the enactment of the 14th Amendment. The amendment for the first time recognizes citizenship of the United States and forbids the making of any law abridging the privileges of citizens.

    The word "privilege" now replaces rights. Rights come at birth to natural persons; privileges are granted by an authority. So now the people of the U.S. do not legally have a Bill of Rights or Constitution.

    Our government, operating outside the parameters of the document giving it authority, means we have a de facto government. If you doubt this, go ask a judge or lawyer.

    Worse yet is the fact that when dealing with the government, you are considered the legal entity of "corporation." According to Black's Law Dictionary, a corporation is an artificial person created under the laws of a state.

    So now not only are we not natural persons that created the central government, we are artificial persons created under the laws of a state.

    Sovereigns can repudiate debt; corporations can't.

    In the early years of our country, extending credit to our nation was done through the practice of bills of credit.

    The process formulated issuing currency, paid into circulation, with the promise of redemption in gold or silver at a later date. Tariffs would be paid in gold or silver and stored in the treasury to be used in the currency redemption process.

    No direct tax on income or property was needed, but now things are different. Tariffs are gone for "free trade" and your natural person status has been removed; consequently, the mother corporation (U.S.) has put up its citizens and their property (income) as collateral. These contracts would be null and void if we were the natural person citizens of the several states that created the government, but we're not.

    Black's Law Dictionary says de facto government means "one that maintains itself by a display of force against the will of the rightful legal government."

    The legal government in the United States of America are the citizens (natural persons) of the several states.

    In 1863, Abraham Lincoln stated: "Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated into a few hands and the republic is destroyed."



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    :confused: And your solution to this is what???

    Go back on the gold standard, abolish the income tax, bring back the league of Nations???

    Like it or not...with the rise of technology, we are now and have been for many years a global economy. The average american expects a certain minimum level of goverment services and that takes money. Therein lies the income tax...money makes the goverment go round. We will have an income tax as long as we have goverment to pay for.

    If by chance a flat tax/sales tax proposal would pass...it might even out the burden a bit...however money runs the goverment engine.

    Isolationism has not been an option since the 40's. the laws of economics are not changed by the gnashing of teeth & wailing in the wilderness.

    If you dont like the current system...work to change it. Don't pontificate about how the federal reserve system is illegal and you dont like fringes on the flag....

    Right & privileges are to be used and executed on a regular basis. Just like voting...if you dont vote...dont bitch...

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