Harry the Red-Faced Leader

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    Harry the Red-Faced Leader
    Jan LaRue
    Harry warrants a special Christmas tune:

    You know Schumer and Durbin,

    And Barney and Nancy

    Waxman and Stupid (insert any leftist of your choice)

    And Boxer and Kerry

    But do you recall

    The most famous failure of all?

    Harry the red-faced leader

    Has a very tiny brain

    And if you ever heard him

    You would get a great big pain

    All of the saner voters

    Worked hard to get rid of him

    They never want ole Harry

    Back in D.C. ever again

    Then one foggy Christmas Eve

    Barack came to say

    Harry with your brain so light

    Can you pass this bill tonight?

    Then all the leftists blamed him

    And they shouted where and when

    Harry the red-faced leader

    You'll go down in 2010.

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    A good laugh to start the day!
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