have you ever.....

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    | Del All have you ever.....
    Have you ever had bullets fly past you or land very close to you?

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    Yes Barry, some close enough to hear them drill a hole into the air with their sounds---had some heavy stuff land close enough it lifted me up here and tossed me down there. I have a hunk of sharpnel from a 130 mm. arty round that come close enough that when I glombed onto it for a keepsake, it blistered my fingers---I waited for it to cool--now I have it on top of my dresser--from the 26th of Feb. 1968. Would you like to see it? I'll have son Tim take a pic and send it. Best regards, Wilborn

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    yes...both in the nam and in the states

    'nuff said

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    Hey Barry:
    Yes. The ambush at Thien Ngon. Bullets wizzing by. Until 'Band of Brothers' I'd never heard anything like it.

    The 'bullets flying by' sound in that series was what I heard.
    It will make you get lower.

    Funny thing was they weren't shooting at me, they were just strays. Woulda been a real bitch to get hit by a stray.

    Also got a 122 rocket REAL close
    F'in Dau Tieng. That was a major bitch of a place.

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    Re: have you ever.....
    As grunt said, both sides of the 'pond'.

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    | Del Bullets
    Yup -- large and small. Two that made a big impression were:
    7.62X54R -- one hit the bunker wall near the head of a guy named Peterkin. He never believed that stuff about snipers being able to see your cigarette at night until that split second.
    7.62X54R -- hit the bunker above our heads while we were standing there admiring the new bunker in broad daylight. After we cooled off we checked the exact impact. That's how we know the caliber. We all swore it went right past our heads or ears. It was at least 2 feet higher than our heads. May have been the same sniper. The two bunkers were less than 50 meters apart. I was recovering from a prior injury and it really hurt to dive into the dirt. I had week old stitches in my right hip and a giant abrasion on my ass.

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    yes more than once. But each time my name was not on it!!!! That seemed to happen if ya spent any time in the jungle.
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