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    Oct 24, 2011
    Hey guys, I was just handed down a gun by my dad that he recieved when he was close to my age. I am interested in the history of the company and gun more than the price really. As well as what could be done to restore some of the luster or new gun look to it. Any help is greatly appreciated, here is a few pictures. THANKS!



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    Feb 22, 2004
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    In the 1950's there were a number of Westerns on the Boob tube, I believe there were up to 35 different cowboy shows on during any one week. This led to a craze for " cowboy guns ( I hate that term ).Ruger came up with the Single Six and Colt decided to leave the Single Action field so there was a void that was quickly filled. Hawes contracted with Sauer and Sohn to produce a series of Single Action called the Marshal Series. All the same gun except for the varies finishes. Because the German mark was under valued at the time they were able to undercut the American sales. The 1968 GCA and the Floating of the Mark ( the Mark went from 4 to the dollar to 1.5 over night ) put a End to Hawes in the late 60's, early 1970's. The Hawes imported guns are well thought of and are considered well made firearms. Your .22 should be built on the same frame as the larger calibers which makes it a little heavy but other wise a very good shooter. Your picture shows a gold type finish, I wonder if that is just the lighting , the Texas Marshal were all nickle ( at least the ones I am familiar with ). You might try some high quality metal polish such as Simichrome or even Fritz. You want to polish it lightly, remember it is just a plating. I will let someone else guess at the value, but I would think, once cleaned up it would go for 300 or higher. could be wrong, been wrong before.
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  3. CWSmith985

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Thanks alot! That's exactly the type of information I was hoping to find. It's nice to know some history about the makings, as well as its history with my dad.
    The finish is nickle as you stated the lighting gave it the golden tint. Thanks again for all the info.
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    Sep 7, 2014
    Cwsmith985, I too have a Texas Marshal and your post triggered my registration to this sight. My gun must not be too far off yours as far as the mfg. Date goes (whenever that could have been) as my serial is pictured here. Just thought I'd ask you if yours felt like the action had been reworked or if in your opinion they were just really that smooth from the factory? Mine has a very light hammer spring but punches the rim of the cartridge nicely. It also it smoother than any of my colt frontier scouts or SAA clones. Just seems to be unexpected to me that hawes would have been a knock down drag out winner in smoothness and timing in the SAA clone dept. especially since while running a 22k sqft pawnshop for 6 years and having droves of them through my hands as the gun guy/gunsmith none of them hands down ever made this kind of impression on me. I'll open her up when I get more time as my dad just gave this one too me and I've tried to get it from him since I was 5-6 years old!

    When you think you've seen everything from Bryco, Jennings, Lorcin, etc. And other Non-desireables...All the way to picking up first model XXX grade 1873 Winchesters for 100$ at barn sales, or Johnson Automatic mistaken to be m-1 garand by a stubborn old pawnshop owners in idaho. Its odd that one of these little gems never stuck in my craw after my dad acquired his as I was a child that I absolutely loved or any other that I dealt with or worked on thereafter.

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    If I recall right, Hawes imported SA revolvers from 2 German manufacturers. If it is a scaled down model, it would the Herbert Schmidt company. Same MFG as the very common F.I.E. E-15 "Buffalo Scout". If it is the full size frame model, it would be the Sauer company.
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