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    Over 3000 years ago,
    as best my Bartlett's tells me,
    a short Latin phrase was applied
    about all the Warriors,
    regardless of nation,
    who had faithfully served
    their own nations in the striving
    to bring Liberty to all nations.

    This little dialog about
    a scene enacted in my mind's eye
    in Heaven, is about one lone
    Warrior who confronts Saint Peter
    at the Heavenly gates.
    I hope you take it as intended:
    a tribute to ALL the Warriors,
    not a tribute to ANY wars: :

    Saint Peter was directing traffic, up, or down, just outside the Pearly Gates.

    In his arm he cradled a very large, very ancient book. It was THE BOOK.
    It was labeled "THE BOOK OF DEEDS",
    and Saint Peter was simply asking "Name?" of all who came by him. Then he would look into THE BOOK, scan his finger down the pages and make a simple gesture with his hand: "up", or "down".
    Along comes Tired Warrior, having finally made it up the Gates Where Time Is Not. Saint Peter says to him "Name?" Tired Warrior pops-to, and in a commanding voice shouts "Sir! Joe F. Grunt, Sir! Service number 01232003, Sir!"
    Saint Pete rocks back on his heels a half-pace at this response, then he closes THE BOOK he has been holding, looks Joe F. Grunt, Tired Warrior straight in the eyes, breathes in, breathes out, and says "So, Joe F. Grunt, you are here at last, and after so MANY close-calls that would have brought you here much sooner! You aren't in this book."
    "Sir! Yes Sir! But I'm here now! Sir!"
    Saint Peter reaches deep inside his robes, and draws out a much smaller volume, labeled THE OTHER BOOK, one even more ancient than THE BOOK, and with a dark, deep red cover, bright like blood. He scans the entries in it from 10,000 B.C. up to the latest (this doesn't take any Time at all, since it is in eternity.)
    The entries in it from thousands of years ago, right up to today, all had the same inscription written by them. An indication of each Warrior's Dedication and Fidelity to Honor and Liberty, all recorded in the same ancient, and soft language.
    Saint Peter scans right up to the latest entry, slowly, and like he is remembering each and every entry and the reasons for the same inscription which follows every name.
    "Here it is : Joe F. Grunt; Warrior!", all the while still looking Joe F. Grunt right in the eyes. Joe again pops-to "Sir! Yes Sir!". Pete smiles at Joe, and tells him "Joe, welcome in to Paradise; you've survived enough Hells in your times on earth", and he reads the inscription after Joe Grunt's name, the same one that is with all the other Warrior-names, inscribed because they fell in defense of Liberty and Freedom. Saint Peter motions J.F.G. through the Gates, as he says::: "Joe F Grunt!, SEMPER FIDELIS!"

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