Heckler & Koch HK4 dbl action auto pistol

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  1. jwchessell

    jwchessell Member

    Oct 21, 2005
    I have an original HK4 which I purchased new in 1969; serial # 11863. I have all 4 barrels (.22LR, .25, .32 and .380) and all 5 magazines. The pistol and magazines are in two fitted boxes (plastic boxes), with the combination cleaning tool/screwdriver, 4 factory fired targets (1 in ea caliber), the original owners manual, and a Harrington & Richards placard (the original exclusive agents in the USA for the HK4) in each box. Interestingly, the factory fired targets have different dates: The .22 barrel was test-fired on Oct. 3, 1967; the .25 on Nov. 21, 1967; the .32 on Dec. 15, 1967 and the .380 on Dec. 22, 1967.

    Finish on the pistol is 99% intact. There is very, very slight wear on the front edges of the slide and on the top of the front sight; the hammer spur bluing shows very slight wear; there are some superficial surface scratches on the plastic grips.

    All 5 magazines (2 in .380, 1 ea in the other calibers -- however, the .32 magazine will also load and feed .380 rounds) are clean and straight, and the lips at the top of each magazine are in original condition. All of the magazines show surface wear from being inserted in the pistol.

    The .25 and .32 barrels are unfired. The .380 barrel has fired approximately 50 rounds; the .22 barrel has fired approximately 200 rounds.

    The owners manual is clean, unmarked and unfolded; one corner is turned over about 1/16". The four fired targets are clean, unmarked and in original condition. The two plastic cases are complete and unbroken; no chips, dents or cracks. They do have scratches and dirt on them, however. The interior fitted liners are complete and unbroken, with a sort of "red plush" surface. The liners do show some dirt and oil stains. Both cases have the same serial # -- 11863 -- on their exterior.

    In searching this site and other web sites, including Shotgun News, I have found several HK4 auto pistols, but none with all 4 barrels, all 5 magazines and the original cases and paperwork.

    What do you gentlemen believe is the value of this gun today?
  2. Xracer

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Minn-eeee-sota, ya, sure, you bet!
    Hi jwchessell..........welcome to TFF.

    OK, here you go. Blue Book value of a .380 HK4 with all conversions (.22LR, .25ACP, .32ACP):

    98% - $550
    95%- $450

    With original boxes and paperwork, add about 10%
  3. flyboyaviator

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    Jul 27, 2008
    Hi! JWCHESSELL. do you still have this HK 4? do you want to sell it? please answer to
    HDuque8843@aol.com 6/19/09
  4. Jim Hauff

    Jim Hauff New Member

    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    The H&R marked and marketed HK4s with all the bells and whistles (such as yours) are selling close to 1 grand in this area of PA. I bought my set about 4 years ago for $750, without the combo tool and without the .22 extractor (you need a separate extractor to work the pistol with .22 cal ammo).
    Mine also came with all the test targets and, as with yours, the dates are spaced over approximately a month. This appears to be normal for the issue.
    I have not fired mine - as it was not fired when I purchased it from the estate of a collector of German made semi-auto pistols - apparently, the tool and .22 extractor were separated from the piece and lost during the estate dissolution.
  5. jeffmwatson

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    Jun 5, 2009
    I recently acquired the HK4 with all four barrels in mint condition and I'm dying to shoot it. The only extractor that came with it is etched with 22LR. Does anyone know if I need to track down a different extractor in order to shoot centerfire, or is this one the universal one. I assume my pistol is from the eighties since the test fire target is dated '83. Also, mine came in a four box set. Not sure if the barrels were bought individually. I know it was purchased in Europe and that's all I know.
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