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Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by LoadX90, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. LoadX90

    LoadX90 New Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    Hello TFF;

    I am somewhat new to Handguns again now at the age of 37.
    I shot a lot as a kid, but school, college and life has kept me busy.
    I recently took my Concealed Course and have an appointment at the
    state building in March to get my Carry license. So now my current decision
    is: What gun do I purchase? I know everyone has a favorite, and it is great to have one that feels perfect in your own hand. So, I have been to two different gun shows lately. I have been picking up and holding many different types.
    For me, I have pretty much decided on Walther. I have held the P22, PK380
    and just yesterday the PPS. I have not shot any of these, but read about them and most people who have them, really like them, as I do. I like the way they look and so far feel. So now, my undecided question is as follows:
    I really want a gun to go shoot. (new hobby) Mainly it will be a ranges. I will have my consealed license in March. I really do not know that I will carry it most of the time. So finally, I have been excited about the Walther PPS .40 cal. Why this? I like the way it looks, it feels great, it is slim and could be carried easily. But again, I do not think I will carry it on me much at all. I do have a great backpack I carry a lot, so maybe it will stay
    in there. 40 cal over 9mm? I just for some reason want a .40 cal. Read something last night that a guy said .40 is best of the 9mm and .45, has the speed of 9mm and power of .45. For the range, I know .40 is slightly more expensive for ammo, but I some people just prefer the 9mm. Sorry this may be getting messy, I am just writing my real thoughts. So should I just go with a 9mm?? It is more excusable ammo. Next, I know this most likely will change, but right now I do not have lots of extra money to purchase many guns. So right now I want to buy my first gun. So it has to
    be a good one, thinking it will be my only one, for now. hahaha Should I not so much worry about a slim carry gun since I will not carry on me as much? or Should I make sure it is able to carry without problems? Sorry for writing so much, but thanks for reading if you did. This feels like a big choice for me. Main questions below:

    Do I need a .40 cal over a 9mm?
    Should I focus on just a good gun (1911) or a carry gun being my only gun?
    Thinking of prices $400 - $600, any suggestions?
    PS. Walther PPS just dropped $100 to about $560 in 9mm or .40 cal.

    Thank for your time.
  2. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    LoadX90, Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the world of Concealed Carry. As to the gun you want, well, that's gona be up to you. Buy what feels good, and buy something you will carry. The most important thing IMO, is to be able to hit what you shoot at. Misses don't count! Practice, Practice, Practice! And be sure to get some good training beyound the Concealed Carry class!

  3. pinecone70

    pinecone70 Active Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Minnesota Gal!
    It sounds like your price range will be about right, in my opinion. I acquired my license to carry in 2009 and it took a while to find just the right firearm for that purpose. Finding the proper holster is more of a challenge, but I am small and that makes concealment more difficult. Right now I carry a .38 Special revolver with a 3" barrel, which is reliable, easy to clean, conceals fairly well, and is a good shooter on paper. It may take time and research before you find the right firearm.
  4. lawdawg

    lawdawg Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    South Alabama
    Welcome to the forum.

    There used to be a saying among the motorheads that I grew up around when choosing an engine to hot rod; "There is no replacement for displacement." or in other words, no substitute for cubic inches. The bigger the better.

    I think that holds somewhat true in terms of firearms as well. Of course, there are a lot of intangibles to consider, such as choosing a gun that fits, is easy to shoot, and with manageable recoil, but in terms of choosing a caliber alone; a .40 beats a 9mm in my opinion, just as a 9mm is better than a .380, etc.

    My latest gun purchase was a Kel-Tec P3AT "pocket pistol" in .380 caliber. I was debating between it and a "pocket-nine" 9mm. The P3AT won out due to the fact that the main purpose of the gun is to be one that can easily be concealed in the front pocket of a pair of jeans and drawn easily. Though the 9mm would be a better choice than a .380 for self defense, the 9mm, though small, was quite a bit larger and heavier than the P3AT. So power was sacrificed for size and weight.

    The price range that you list should allow for a good quality gun.

  5. Double Deuce

    Double Deuce New Member

    Jun 1, 2009
    The pk380 is my carry gun, I have others for other purposes but the PK380 was what I was looking for in a carry gun, I went with a crossbread holster and gun belt and it is comfortable, Go with what is the most comfortable to you and what you will actually carry, after that you can worry a bit about the caliber, but really if I could only carry a .22 I would carry that.
  6. LoadX90

    LoadX90 New Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    Carry Purchase

    Thanks So much everyone.
    I am going to range today to shoot different rentals.

    And if the Walther PPD is stil my choice, and it comes in 40 and size is still the same then it sounds like that is what I should go with.

    Small, powerful , comfortable, but use great ammo always.
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  7. Conman

    Conman Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2010
    Eastern Iowa
    Re: Carry Purchase


    Welcome.............just my 2 cents!

    If you go with the 9mm for pistols or the .38 special for revolvers you will shoot more as those 2 cartridges are much less expensive and easier to find than the .40's, .45's, .380's, etc.

    That being said I carry a Kimber Pro (4") in .45 ACP.
  8. Deacon_Man

    Deacon_Man Active Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    Weatherford Texas
    I have many pistols of different calibers. My carry choice is my .380 Taurus in a pocket holster. It's easy to conceal and easy to retrieve if needed. IMO, don't buy anything you can't carry all the time. If you like to range shoot, get yourself a model 1911 in .22 caliber, a lotta fun.
  9. Gene Seward

    Gene Seward Member

    Mar 30, 2007
    Batesville, Arkansas
    Welcome. I have a 9mm, but I have several 40 cal. handguns as well as other calibers. For me I get what feels good and then I see if I can get it in 40. If you want concealable and not worried about power factor get a 38 or 380, but get what feels right for you and only you. JMHO
  10. yetiman

    yetiman Member

    Dec 27, 2011
    Mayfield, KY
    Just be careful as guns are like Lay's chips, can't stop at one........
  11. jce07a

    jce07a New Member

    Feb 7, 2012
    Abilene, Texas
    in reference to your question about ammo size...i did a side by side comparison (on the soon to be replaced steel door of an old 50's model pickup) of a .40 FMJ and a 9mm hornady critical defense. the entry was almost completely identical. but the way the HCD mushroomed out was obviously much more devastating (of course they make the same round in .40 and .45) but the point im making is that, if money is your issue, go 9mm. dont cheat on the ammo you'll carry on a regular basis though or it could end up with you being sorry. for conceal-ability, a smaller caliber is going to be easier to conceal, just because the gun is usually smaller...but power is going to come with your bigger calibers...ive also heard of people concealing a 1911 on their hip with no problem...i dont think i could but if your body type and holster allow it and its what you want, go for it.

    as for the PK380...ive shot my brothers a few times, i like it. its got a real smooth trigger pull, its light, slim, and should be real easy to conceal with the proper holster.

    also remember, some states (texas being one and i only know most throughly texas law since its where i live) require you to qualify with anything .32 caliber or bigger...however, that does not mean you cannot carry a smaller caliber. that license allows you to carry as many guns as you see fit. the guy who taught my course had a shoulder holster with a colt 1911, a glock 19 on his hip, a 380 in his pocket and a 22 on each ankle....idk why he felt he needed to carry 5 guns but maybe he was just proving a point haha.
  12. jce07a

    jce07a New Member

    Feb 7, 2012
    Abilene, Texas
    and yetiman is right...if you're not careful, you may end up with 40 guns by the time 2013 gets here haha
  13. LoadX90

    LoadX90 New Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    Re: Carry Purchase

    Kimber's are beautiful but a little expensive for me now.

    Going to range today.

    Testing more models out for Feel, comfort and conseal size.

    And if the PPS size does not change, pretty sure it doesn't, I should go with the larger cal, being .40 because of power?? If that ends up still being my first new baby machinery!!!

    I am very excited. Thanks again everyone. Sorry for double posts, I could not find my first post therefore posting again.

    Happy Shooting.
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  14. UncleFudd

    UncleFudd Active Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    Phoenix, Az
    Welcome to the forum and to the never ending quest for "what is best".
    Good to ask questions, lots of them especially when it "might" lead to a situation involving your actually using your final choice to defend yourself and or family members.

    Re-read what Carver said, "practice, practice and then take some classes and practice some more"

    This will bring to the fore what gun can I get to be able to do all this practicing and the gun handle whatever I shoot through it (economics as well as ergonomics) and under less than stable, very difficult situations. Not all guns mentioned here will do that for you and some will (forever) and not wear out or just plain break down.

    Remember "carry" portends danger of the first order and having to deal with it immediately and with diminished mental and physical capacities and every one of these things are not only important in making your choice(s) but critical).

    Clint Smith once told me fall down, roll around as violently as you can and then stand up. Everything still laying on the ground is junk so leave it home.
    Then we began training to fall down and shoot while getting up, left hand, right hand, lay on your back and shoot behind you, night shoot, low light shoot, barrier shoot etc.

    Most never consider that you may already be physically attacked or stabbed or shot or all the above and whatever it is you carry and whatever you choose to carry it in you had better be able to get it out to fight back and with either hand.

    So as also pointed out, additional training and lots of studying what has worked for survivors.

    I am always intrigued by the power factor over the accuracy factor. And how so many so easily pass over the venerable 22 LR. Not selling it just making an observation. More people and critters killed with it than any four calibers combined every year. And it is soooo inexpensive to begin with to help you get some few thousands of rounds downrange and to begin to learn.

    Get your hands on as many guns as possible and actually shoot them before you begin to spend your money. (gun ranges with rental programs) is a good place to start.
    Then look at some reputable studies of what really works in stopping threats, (stopping power) if you will.
    You may be quite surprised as I have been.

    Just my thoughts along with the other excellent thoughts and ideas posted.

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