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  1. Recently obtained this nice, small rifle but can't find any info on it. Have shown it on several forums and no luck so far. NOTE that it has stock features which look VERY much like what airgun makers use, or toy companies who try making real firearms.


    SPECS: overall 35", LOP 14", weight 3 lbs. 2 ozs., .22rf S-L-LR, single-shot bolt action. Stock is sawn wood plank with sharp edges rounded and smoothed, finger grooves routed up both sides of the forestock, NO buttplate. Trigger and triggerguard both simply stamped steel. All steel blued except bolt. Pull to cock with NO safety I can find. ONLY stamping is shown below on top of the rear sight.


    Have asked Daisy Museum and they respond that it's not theirs. Didn't bother asking toymaker Wham-O because for years they've denied their own WAMO line of three .22rf firearms!!! Could find nothing on Google.

    That stamping appears to be of the 3 Egyptian pyramids (denoting the African continent, well known for its safaris), with the large SAFARI followed by a small (101) which could indicate a model number. Yes, the rear sight is pinned to the action with the V-notch toward the muzzle, single screw-type elevation.

    WHO made it? WHERE was it made? WHEN was it made? HOW MANY were made?

    Also will appreciate any additional info you might be able to furnish on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help. [​IMG]

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  2. soory no help,it looks like a cheap chinese knock off but who knows.make sure to give us a holler if you find out anything. old semperfi

  3. Southern Indiana, eh? I'm originally from Ellettsville, near Bloomington. Wife is from cold end of Hoosierland, La Porte, just across the street from MI.

    Will let you know. [​IMG]

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ mauser
  4. johnlives4christ

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    Apr 28, 2008
    neat looking gun, how does it shoot?
  5. When it arrived from the CA auction I discovered it had no firiing pin or extractor. I sent the bolt to a gent up in PA who does my 'smithing. However, even once it's complete I don't shoot my collectibles.

    Have too many more modern iron around me that I could shoot, to take a chance on possibly ruining a historical artifact. [​IMG]

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  6. 3/2 STA SS

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    Looks Chinese to me especially the stock and stamped metal. I wouldn't get crazy with it and devote a bunch of tiime and $$ to it.
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  7. I have several other US-made .22rf single-shot rifles of similar vintage in the collection which all used the flat plank type of stock. I've never seen any Chinese or Japanese made rifles utilizing that feature. Ditto with the stamped steel. I have a WAMO (made in CA) Powermaster rifle with almost identical features. Again, this is why I mention the airgun and toy manufacturers.

    I believe there was one German-made .22rf single-shot used that type of stock.

    In fact the name Safari simply smacks of something WAMO (a Wham-O subsidiary) would come up with for a fourth gun to add to the big toymaker's line. And, the lack of, or very limited, identity stamping is in keeping with their other firearms. Below is pic of my flat plank Powermaster rifle for comparison.


    I'm still convinced it's a Yankee concoction . . . [​IMG]

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  8. 3/2 STA SS

    3/2 STA SS Active Member

    Looks somethiing a kid made in shop class
  9. Wow! That woulda' been one heckuva school shop!

    Found one listed in a 2007 RIA auction but the photo available was not clear enough to tell if it was the same rifle. If not, we know there were at least two of 'em made.

    RIA also was offering in that same auction a Canadian-made Tobin .22rf single-shot rifle. Again no way to clearly make out from photo if it might be mine, which I bought much later.

    Am still hoping to hear from someone who has, or had, an identical rifle.

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  10. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    The fact that it doesn't appear to have a serial number should give us an idea of its age, probably at least 50 years old.
  11. That's a good lead, wonderwhippet.

    Also, I know of only two companies who actually produced their rilfes with a plank sawn stock: Hamilton Rifle Co. of Michigan, and WAMO (Wham-O) of California.

    Hamilton turned out a BIG BUNCH of the Model 27 with plank sawn, but Wham-O didn't produce many. Only 3 or 4 have so far been observed or report. One guy recenlty reported, and included photos, of 2 that he'd obtained. So that brings that oddball rifle up to maybe a half dozen...

    I can't think of another US gunmaker who used that technique on one of their production firearms. Can you think of one?

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  12. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010

    these folks did have the agency for safari arms, who has it now i have no idea

    the safari 101 103 and 105 was a shop brand made by the same folks who made sterling brand firearms in the phillipines ( they have a range of 22's in semi in the USA under another name that i cant think of cause i'm dumb that way but includes a pretend M-16 in .22 LR ) , they are generally a decent ( not great ) finish and quality and regarded as a great kids starter Rifle here in Australia
  13. Many thanks, jack404. That Legacy lead is the best info I've gotten on this little guy so far. I'll definitely be contacting them to see if they have any info, especially printed literature, about the 101.

    Hopefully another reader may know the name you can't think of and will pass along their knowledge. I'll also mention it on other forums I go on and maybe someone there can come up with it.

    Also, I'll do a search through the many brands named in the Standard Catalog to see if I can find some kind of connection.

    Meanwhile, if you do recall any more info I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

    I email with a couple of guys in Australia who might be of help. Got any info I can pass on to them so they can help in the search?

    Thanks again.

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
    aka: Jack, Florida
  14. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    the name is Squires Bingham , the parent company of which ( the trading company) was the originator of the Safari ( the parent company name we still dont know but working on getting )

    i called a mate who is a expert and his mate ( he was not available) confirmed it was the same parent company for the Squires Bingham range that was the originator of the Safari 101

    as soon as i hear more i'll post it here
  15. Jack may be on to something there. I have owned several Squires Bingingham guns. That gun looks like some they made and marketed under their own name for sales in the states. The 3 pyrimids might be the 3 mountain mark that I have seen on some other "cheaper" 22s but would have to do some research to see if it is squires bingingham or who I saw them on. One things as to is it is a SB rifle, contact Numrich Arms and ask one of their gun smiths. They carry a LOT of parts for the SB line so they might be able to make the connection for you. Here is their web addy:
    And here is their help line number:
    845.679.4867 M-F 8-4:30 EST
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