help identify sniper scope

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  1. i bought a scope this weekend at the gunshow for $220.00 and can't find any info on it anywhere, it is a 3.5-10x50 tactical scope with target knobs, lighted mil-dot reticle, it has no other markings on the scope at all, seems to be very well made, is as clear or better than my vari-x 1 leopold that i have, the box was plain with no markings either, it looks just like the mk 4 leopold tactical, anybody got any ideas what it is.

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    No markings at all?

    Pictures please! :D


  3. here are the pics, not a very good camera
  4. inplanotx

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Have you tried taking off the turret caps and looking for any markings? Might try that, other than that, it's going to be hard to guess which one it is. Sorry.
  5. nothing under the caps, it is an exact copy of the leopold mk4 tactical, the only difference is the leopold is 4-14x40 this one id 3.5-10x50
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    Keep in mind that Leupold has two Mk4's. The "real ones" are fixed power 10x (generally) and cost a grand, plus. These are/were used a good bit on the M24s in the Army.

    I think what you have (if its a luepold) is a M1 Long Range Tactical. Leupold makes a M3 and M1 tactical scope as you describe. The difference between the two is the M1 has tall turrents and the M3 has a one-turn BDC cam set up for various rounds on the vertical axis. I have a M3 mounted on a Blaser LRS that works great. The M1 has a bit more versatality, in the that the clicks are 1/4MOA vertical. The M3 is coarser in order to the make the Bullet Drop Compensator work in one turn.
  7. this one is going on my preban m1a
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