Help Iver Johnsons model??

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  1. 12seltzer

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    Sep 2, 2012
    OPk I have some pic's
    But frist I have been told this is prob a proto type. QUIT fireing it. DONT sell it till I get ready to retire. There is no model number or name anywhere.
    It does have a ser# it also has the iver johnsons Fitchburg mass stamp. And I did some reading About numbers under the grip Is a large S close to the hole spring is in. Than down about 3/4 inch is 191 . Ser # k57*** dont really want full ser number on here.
    Then never finshed milling this gun. molding marks still in barrel. rough milling only on cilinder and groove bullets go into cilinder. Its got about the frame of a target 57 mod. But is white not blue'ed. And the barrel is nothing like it. Has rib as counter weight.
    ALSO it is a 22 mag and the target 55 and 57 are 22LR

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  2. WHSmithIV

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    May 3, 2012
    Moore, Idaho
    Well, all I can say that if it's a prototype that was never finished for being able to shoot then it has collectors value to someone. If it's a shootable piece then that value goes up. From the pics it certainly is in nice condition. Much, much, better condition than anything made by Iver Johnson I've seen for sale.

  3. 12seltzer

    12seltzer New Member

    Sep 2, 2012
    IF it can shoot??? This thing shoots great. Well balanced, very tight group.
    One of the worst things they told me at the gun shows was stop shooting it.
  4. 12seltzer

    12seltzer New Member

    Sep 2, 2012
    By the way thanks for reply. And the gunsmith that told me he thinks its a prototype. Said they never finshed the milling becouse all they wanted was a working firearm to see how she worked. This guy has been fixing Iver johnsons for years I am told. And is the best around Ohio i am told on Iver's and he told me He never seen one like it.
  5. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Welcome to TFF.

    Listed in the I. J. book as "New Bulldog Series 1974-78" with a 1975 adv. shown that matches your gun exactly: "Now in Satin Nickel"

    Made in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, and .38 Special. Serial number with letter code (K for the .22s) right side of frame. Caliber of .22 Mag version marked on cylinder. Price at introduction for .22 was $62
  6. 12seltzer

    12seltzer New Member

    Sep 2, 2012
    Thanks.. After finding mod name I found this info...
    B.Goforth answered this on another form..

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    Posted - 08/31/2009 : 12:36:51 PM

    this is a late production "model 55SA cadet" the K letter codes to the serial number was used between 1974 and 1978. if it has an adjustable rear sight it would be the new american bulldog model manufactured between 1974 and 1978.

    I.J. CADET MODEL 55SA--------------------------------------1961-1978
    The difference between this A series and the earlier series is the addition of a loading gate to the right side of the frame. All specifications are the same except a small weight gain because of the loading gate. DOES NOT HAVE HAMMER THE HAMMER ACTION
    VALUE: 100%=$225 60%=$95

    NEW AMERICAN BULLDOG SERIES-------------------------------1973-1978
    Large solid frame double action revolver with pull pin cylinder release. Finish: Blue or Satin Nickel; Grips: large oversize plastic one piece or small pocket size plastic two piece Sights: ramp front and rear adjustable for windage and elevation; Calibers: .22 rimfire, .22 magnum and .38 special in 2 ½ inch barrel only; Cylinder capacity: .22 rimfire and .22 magnum 6 rounds, 38 special 5 rounds; Barrel length and shape: 2 ½ inches with heavy full length rib, 4 inches with heavy full length rib; Weight: 2 ½ inch barrel 26 ounces, 4 inch barrel 30 ounces; Frame Height 4 inches; frame length 4 7/8 inches; Overall length: 2 ½ inch barrel 6 ½ inches, 4 inch barrel 9 inches. DOES NOT HAVE HAMMER THE HAMMER ACTION
    VALUE: 100%=$275 60%=$145


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    Posted - 09/01/2009 : 10:14:28 AM

    6 rounds, it only holds 6
    and does not have adjustable sights, the sights are fixed, the front one is ribbed
    and it does have a hammer


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    Posted - 09/01/2009 : 2:39:12 PM

    i have learned that during this late production era 1974 to 1978 iver johnson made both 6 shot and 8 shot 22 LR models. this is the era that revolver production was winding down and they were using any and all parts availble. there were revolvers coming out of the factory using grips not normally found on that model. a lot of prebored 6 shot cylinders (that had yet to be chambered for the 22 magnum) were chambered for the 22 LR instead. all in the name of lets sell some products. just because it is chambered for 6 rounds does not chamge the fact it is a late production cadet model (short barrel)and not a new unknown model. it was cheaper and easier to cast and install a small rib with front sight than it was to have a skilled machinst to mill a slot in the round barrel that was exactly centered for the half moon type of front sight used on the early models. if you had the box for this revolver it would most likely read model B222 cadet, blue finish, 22 caliber 2 inch barrel. whereas a 38 caliber would read B382 cadet and marked 38 special caliber or 38 S&W caliber.

    there are a lot more of this revolver manufactured that fits the description i furnished so it was offered as generic information and value will not change. there is not enough information as to how many of these 6 shots were offered to even try to determine if they are even a new variation, there could have been very few or a lot. serial numbers are of no help because when they do turn up they are in both the H & K letter codes. what is consistent is the type of front sight on your revolver all seem to use the K letter code but there are 8 shot versions that use the K letter code also.

    MINE is the 6 shot... And nickel .. I am still thinking. They must be rare becouse this as been hard to track. Why no mod number or name on mine eather???
  7. 12seltzer

    12seltzer New Member

    Sep 2, 2012
    Also mine has rear adjustable sight , hammer and 4 inch barrel .
  8. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Rare or scarce does not always mean gold. Your revolver was undoubtedly among the last made by Iver Johnson before they closed the doors and turned off the lights and shortcuts were made to finish up all leftover and spare parts. It is not hard to track, the information is available in Mr. Goforths book and on line. I know you were hyped up to believe you had a very rare photo type revolver, but alas it is not to be. In fact you have a factory parts gun. Iver Johnson was not the only manufactured to follow this practice of using leftover or mixed parts. Colt collectors sometime go nuts because Colt never wasted left over parts and instead installed them on different series of guns. So, enjoy what you have and don't fret over what you don't have. Sorry about that.
  9. 12seltzer

    12seltzer New Member

    Sep 2, 2012
    Ahh so right in may ways..
    I still think its the best shotting and one of the best looking Iver's I ever known of. So as they say.

    Beauty, gentlemen, is in the eye, I aver it to be in the eye of the beholder and not in the object itself.
    [1788 R. Cumberland in Observer IV. cxviii.]

    And Thanks one and all. I would not sell this one under $500.00
    even with all I found out. :D
    And who knows they sure wont be another made. So someone may want it for their collection some day.
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