Help me buy a Garand

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    It is no problem to buy an AR-15 clone. You can build it yourself from readily available parts or from a dealer who builds it CA legal. The key is in the attachment below. Follow it and you are legal. The mag button, no flash hider, and a ten round mag is just about all you have to really worry about but go through the chart. It applies to any semi-auto rifle sold in CA. A Mini-14 is a nice rifle but it is NOT a AR! My AR is built as a Varmint rifle with a match barrel, flat top receiver, and a fixed stock but anything is possible.


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  2. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA
    I would add that the big dealer in So Ca gunshows has been Cold War Shooters. They have had some kind of problem either legal or financial but are still showing up at gun shows for now but their store in Highland near San Bernardino is closed as is the mother store in Texas. Be careful about buying anything from them unless you can carry it out. There are other dealers that carry completed CA legal AR's. In fact I think I may have seen some in Turners a few months ago. A dealer friend in Lake Isabella has about 10 bare receivers and a couple of completed guns and could build one from one of the bare receivers. They are easy to build. I have built four. So I think many dealers may have them.


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    Took her out shooting today.
    After a couple clips to sight it in, she became a wonderful target slapper.

    I love these iron sights. Everyone there had a chance to attack some evil milk jugs at 100 yards, and we were all able to blast those terrorist milk jugs within a shot or two from a standing position. Tons of fun.

    Once again.
    Than you to TFF for your input and assistance.
    This is a great site with cool people and lots of knowledge.
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    Congratulations on the very nice Garand.
    My first Garand (CMP: Service) will be here in about a week.
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