Help !! Remington 550-1 Extractor problem

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  1. FL Curt

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    Recently given a Remington 550-1 that was boxed back in 1949 because it was jamming. (long story there) I cleaned it up and it appeared to be ok, so I took to the range and fired a few rounds through it. Sure enough, It jammed. Another disassembly revealed that the extractor plunger was missing.
    I ordered another plunger and spring from NUMRICH and after reciept of the parts, compared spring length to be sure it was a direct replacement.
    After launching the plunger across my shop a couple of times, I realized that there is a problem. The hole in the bolt is much to short for the spring and plunger together. I suspect one of two things has happened. 1: During cleaning back in 1949 the plunger was put in before the spring and is now jammed in the bottom, or 2: The new plunger is to long.
    Can anybody tell me how deep the hole in the bolt should be and or how long the plunger should be? I have looked everywhere I can think of to find machining drawings for the bolt assembly without any luck.
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  2. redwing carson

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    The old 550-1 my first .22 rifle. I think around 1950. These rifles had floating chambers. This allowed for a rifle auto loader to shoot Shorts, longs, and long rifles. This was a big deal back in the day. Problem was if the floating chambers were not cleaned the damn things would jam and stick. A sticky chamber resulted in broken extractors. Make sure the chamber is soaked in a good cleaner and is free moving.


  3. FL Curt

    FL Curt New Member

    Thanks Red, I appreciate the info
  4. gunplumber

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    Apr 14, 2010
    GunParts used to be (and maybe still are on occasion) famous for sending what they THINK you can make work if it is close to what you ordered. It has gotten much better now that they finally got computors; either that happened when I ordered or someone put a bunch of stuff in wrong bins when that as it may, your hole is the proper deapth in the bolt. The optimum length for the plunger is to have at least as much of the plunger body extending into the bolt body as there is visible to the eye when the extractor is in position. You should be able to push the plunger back into the bolt body and compress the spring just far enough to lift the extractor out. Thee floating chamber was a good idea untill you put too many shorts thru it and created "flash cut" in the chamber wall at the mouth of the short case. If that happens, a longer LR case would well nto the flash cut and cause a "lock" and extraction problem. Thought I would mention it.
  5. north tex

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    Good thread. Learned a lot about my 550 also. Thanks
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