HELP! Seeking Info on Handme down U. S. Revolver Co. Pistol

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  1. ES330

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    Jul 16, 2012
    I got this gun in '93 after my grandmother passed. I had it in the closet ever since then, and forgot about it until I decoded to clean the closet. I tried taking off the grips but the screw causes the brass fitting on the opposite side to spin. It reads "U. S. Revolver Co" on the top of the barrel and 141 on the trigger guard. It has a 5 shot cylinder, a 5" barrel and a short stocky handle. My knowledge of handguns extends to assuming ALL guns are loaded, keeping your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot, it never hurts to have a 2nd set of prints on a gun (ok, the last one is a joke I heard on "The Simpsons"). I'm interested on learning its approximate age and caliber, and any other info relating to this make/model of gun., and how to care for it. I have no interest in selling it, just curious about it.

    Here are some pictures of it:

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  2. RJay

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    It looks to be a large frame, hammer model { 38 S&W caliber } with the optional 5 inch barrel. The US Revolver was manufactured by Iver Johnson from 1910 until 1936. Now for the bad news, with out the actual number and possible pre fix from under the left grip we can only guess at the date of manufacture. The number in the trigger guard should match the number on the grip, however if there is a prefix , it will appear only on the left grip, trigger guards can also be replaced ( if they become damaged. thus throwing every thing off. If we assume the 141 is the true serial number, there would not be a prefix under the grip. You gun would have been made in the first year that Iver Johnson started the line. Iver Johnson went to a stronger " smokeless " frame in 1909. being one of the first ones made in 1910, does yours have the stronger frame?, don't know and there really isn't anyway to tell at this time. To be on the safe side I would treat it as a " black powder" only gun, better yet, it is old and tired and deserves a lounge chair in the sun in retirement. Hang it in a nice display case and lie about it, Tell folks your grandfather stopped a train robbery by shooting the gun out of Jesse James hand.:D Now, all the above is assuming that 141 is the actual serial number other wise I will deny every thing I typed, in fact I will even deny being in the states at that time or even owning a computer:D
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  3. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Welcome to the forum. The U. S. Revolver Co. guns were made by Iver Johnson for mail order sales. It appears to be a large frame .38 S&W caliber with optional 5" barrel. Unfortunately the only way to confirm year made is to remove the grips, as serial 141 with no letter prefix was made in 1910, and C141 was made in 1917. However the lettering style matches that used 1912-1917, so the serial under left grip is probably C141.

    Value will be moderate in condition shown, but a light coat of oil and dry storage should prevent further rusting.

    EDIT: I see RJay beat me to it again; he must type with more than two fingers! :eek:
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  4. ES330

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    Jul 16, 2012
    I also found "141" stamped under the latch that locks the barrel into place, if that helps. Unfortunately my eyes aren't good enough to see if there are any other markings/engravings on it, given the condition of the piece.

    And knowing my grandmother, she would've been more likely to shoot the gun out of Jesse James hand. My great uncles & aunts used to tell us some stories about my grandmother and her quick temper and even quicker hand with a gun, straight razor or axe handle!!
  5. ES330

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    Jul 16, 2012
    I forgot to say "THANKS!!!" to both of you!
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