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  1. LucyPeanuts

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    Nov 21, 2012
    I recently aquired an Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 5 shot hammerless revolver. Under the trigger is 1828, and under the grip is I 1828.. Additionally, I measured the barrel and it's 3 inches long from tip to cylinder. On the bottom of the butt, as near as I can tell, it says PAT NOV 1703, and PAT Pending under that.. Not 100% sure on the 1703 though, might be an "8" or a "6" at the end.. Anyone with any info on this, please help.. I think this is the gun my grandfather used as his second piece when he walked his beat. He was a straight arrow who ticketed his daughter, so I know it's not what's called a drop piece. If it's not his old piece, then someone left it in the house I grew up in.. Either way, I'd like whatever info I can get on it. From what I've managed to find out, it takes 32 cal short or regular rounds, but whether they are black powder or not, I don't know... And yes, I will consider selling it if I can figure out it's not my grandfathers..
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    Welcome to TFF.

    Made in 1919 for smokeless powder .32 S&W ammo (not .32 Short Colt, .32 S&W Long, or .32 ACP)

    The patent date should read: PAT.NOV 17, 08 (for 1908)

  3. LucyPeanuts

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Do you have any idea of it's value? I don't have any machinists tools here other than a pair of digital calipers, but all the parts have the same coloring, so I'm guessing it's all original. The barrel spins as it should, and appears to line up perfect or near perfect when the trigger is pulled. I did it twice, but then stopped so as not to cause any damage to the pin. A few scratches, but nothing that can't be buffed out. I cleaned the 2 sides with the owl with dawn dishsoap and dried it immediately, and it's pretty free of scratches. If it's valuable, I'd consider selling or trading it for something similar in size, but newer.. 1919 seems a bit old even for my grandfather. He married before WWII and joined the police force when he returned. Grams was in charge of the money and had him on a tight budget, so this may have been his boot gun. Either that, or maybe his father's piece.. Were these used at all in the military in WWI?? Honestly, I can't see my grandfather taking a gun off of a suspect. Not when he wrote his own daughter a speeding ticket.. And I can't see someone leaving it a house built in 1972 either.. One other person may have owned it. My Godfather.. I can ask his son if he knows anything about it.. He was 74 when he died in 1981.. If anyone knows the value, or can offer advice on trying to track down previous owners from before 1970, please let me know. And thank you so much for the help..
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    It was never any type of Military issue in WWI or even in WWII, however an officer may have carried such an item as a personal weapon, but by 1919 the war ( WWI ) was over. Any other use is strictly a guess, there is no way to say how. when . or why.
    Value on these old Iver Johnson are not high, they were a inexpensive every day working tool and hundreds of thousands of this type were made. With out pictures no valid estimate can be given, but normally these old guns sell for less than 200 dollars even when in like new condition. I know of noway to track down any previous owners, there is no existing data base for such an event.
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