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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Looking at a used, 6" Mk III Trooper today (been wanting one) so here it goes. I'll call it 85 - 90% on finish. Standard wear around the muzzle, and a little spot on the trigger guard from holster carry. A small spot of rust on the side of the barrel otherwise the remaining finish is pretty good. Good trigger, locks up tight with just a small amount of rotational movement (very little) almost no side to side movement of the cylinder and tight crane with no movement. Cylinder release is tight and smooth. Standard pawn shop dirty gun so a good cleaning will probably improve things dramatically. Shiny and clean bore with no pitting or leading. I don't know if it is just super hard crud around end of the muzzle or if somebody tried a home crowning job because it looks a little rough. I couldn't scratch it off with a fingernail but sometimes that stuff can be hard. Missing the original grips - has Pachmayers. Ok - while I was looking they dropped the 'tag' price from $619.00 to $475.00, total including fingerprint. Opinions please!
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    I have the long Barrel in 357 I gave about 600.00 a year ago,,,great shooters that don,t get a lot of respect

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