Here's the toy pics

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  1. Hi Guys

    Here are the pics that I promised

    First one is A highpoint carbine w/ a Bushnell red dot.

    Second is a custom Winchester mod 70 in 22-250 w/ bell carlson stock and a Sightron 6.5x25x50 AO. It also has a few tuning tricks.

    Third is also a custom Winchester 70 in 25/06 ramline stock same tricks as above but w/ heavier triggerpull. Scope is a Simmons 6x18x44AO.


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  2. And an other

    Here is an SKS for Sniper


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  3. 1952Sniper

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    Aug 22, 2002

    I'm guessing by the shape of the stock that that's a Chinese SKS that originally had a spike bayonet. But it's hard to tell because the picture is so small. Is that an aftermarket stock?

    Did you do that stock paint job yourself? Looks pretty good.
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  4. SKS


    It is a Chinese SKS. I bought it just before the ban.( Ok I bought a few before the ban) Just cause they said that I couldn't have one.They were all still in original shipping crates and that goo we all love, cosmoline. I have sold a few but kept this one. The stock is a ramline wintertec. I am not sure weather or not they still make it. I has an increased pull, and the color is clear through. I thought that it would be great for strapping to my 4 wheeler. But then again "The things ya see when you haven't got a gun". Not to concerned with the abuse. I call it my "saddle gun" even though horses don't like me. Hope this helps sniper.

  5. Dagger

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    Mar 24, 2003
    new york
    hey Rider i was looking at those hi-point carbines this weekend, they seem a little on the cheap side so i didnt get it, but how do they shoot? its in 9mm right? let me know how it is!
  6. Hipoint carbine accuracy


    Your in luck. I just got back from camping this weekend and had a chance to really shoot this in real world play. Even with the red dot it really does shoot. We were shooting @ clay pidgions @ varying ranges and positions. It hit all and was a hoot to shoot.
    It is really simple and easy to mantain. If you get one let me know I have a few tricks that make it a little more comfortable to shoot.

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