hey Jack404 What ever Happened

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    "Re: UK arrests koran burners,


    wish i could but this is Australia , its been deemed offencive and canned from youtube by request of the department of immigration and multi cultural affairs ( DIMA)

    so in plain english a OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT REQUEST .. but i cant find anyone in the government that signed the documents to do so , so am demanding a explanation from the Prime Minister , via the High Court of Australia ( like your supreme court)

    no signature or reason after 90 days , i'll repost it and let em go me again , if they cannot explain a judgement in 90 days the law is in error and mute

    it's looking like some Muslim bureaucrat did it on their own but its signed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia

    a federal offence here as it has not been published in the government gazette

    i want the POS locked up for canning what dont suit them, and denying me my artistic licence ( no free speech , so i called it artwork and that IS protected here)

    they got 90 days to respond ( 70 odd to go 29th November i gotta have a responce or its in court at their expence)

    i used a mix of aluminium ( 3 types) ,chrome, copper and magnesium oxides to burn it with

    so it was red white and blue for the flag at the beginning then went to green and gold our national colours

    quite artistic i thought , but until the 90 days are up i cant post or distribute as that would be in breach of the order , so let's see where we end up

    probably Lithgow ( max security jail there) but i have the grand mufti burning pages out of the bible on video as does the entire nation , so let's see how they stack this up

    if its ok for muslims to tear up and burn a Holy book as a responce to a israeli attack on gaza rocket sites

    then me showing via my art , that either Islamist folks becomes Australian or they dont mix and that just results in ashes for all .. Islam and Australia are not compatible

    should be accepted for what it is a peacefull artistic statement of facts , being glossed over by those who say they represent us but in fact work against us ..

    anyway i guess we'll eventually see whats what


    I would like to see that Video.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    if thats sasha wendt , she's locked up .. and the whole place is screaming

    they are taking over and our government is protecting them

    they tried it on me but i dont claim artistic or free speech as i know we dont have it , i use straight out threats and intimidation so the mutts wont complain as they know i'll meet em face to face and they will sign to withdraw their complaints

    but for others , sad eh

    but one day they'll nabb me , thats a sure bet just when is the question

    i'm hoping after i have enough withdrawn suites to prove harrassment ;)

    if not

    such is life eh

    something you just gotta make a stand on and if it costs me my head , then so be it

    but backing down??

    yeah riiiight ;)
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    Jan 11, 2010
    well i dunno what the hell i was thinking about what i posted above , thats gun control stuff.. i must got threads confused ..

    so far i have no criminal charges , i'm of sound mind ( done all their "tests" after they suggested i was not all here ) , but they tryed to say my health stresses me ..

    and that my lifestyle was too rough .. then suggested PTSD and a few other things . suggested .. no exam's , no tests, so i got them done by the top folks here ..

    they went the PC pity route , they are avoiding everything i lay , they have dropped any charges against me .. they are avoiding the courts , as i get a say

    so far its all been discussions with experts from one of the new "super departments" ( 5-6 now made into one giant bureaucratic heap) in chambers , not a court room ...

    i cant get media coverage ( i aint surprised i dont rant or rave , i'm ugly and scarred up and teeth missing ) besides a few talk back shows who call me every week or so

    nothing in the MSM

    if i punched a cop it'd be front page news

    but so far the cops have been on my side ..

    and why not ?
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