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    Feb 24, 2009
    Hi everyone. I'd like to talk with anyone interested about blowguns, slingshots, and crossbows. A little background: I've always dug weapons tech. How it works, and perhaps making it work better, is my thing.

    I recently improved a .40 blowgun by adding laser sighting and improving the mouthpiece. The improvement is simple, a small strip of electrical tape with a 'tab' on the inside of the mouthpiece end of the main tube. It does a number of things:

    a) retains the dart in ready position
    b) allows you to carry the blowgun vertcally without the dart sliding out
    c) as a result of (b) allows you to fire downward, as in down a flight of stairs
    d) builds some compression when you do shoot, thus generating greater speed and accuracy

    I'm using it with a night vision goggle set that's available for $65 from amazon, or for a few bucks more at your local Toys R Us. The EyeClops night vision is technically a toy I suppose, but it's fully functional! So using the laser, in complete darkness I am hitting bullseyes on my target from 20 feet away.

    I also recently acquired a laser/red dot slingshot, and I'm putting laser & red dot on my pistol crossbow. For the slingshot I'm using .58 musket balls that have a pair of purpendicular splits. There's enough speed to make the ball deform to .75" upon impact with wood, and if you don't split the bal it sometimes buries itself in a cedar post from 10 yards. Apparently those balls are 400+ grains, and traveling at 160fps they have significant energy.

    The pistol crossbow is old and worn out so I'm gonna get another. I've figured out how to modify it to accept a razor-tipped bolt. And again this device, with the 80lb bow, generates 170 ft/sec speed - enough to do damage.

    Looking forward to hearing other cool ideas!
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    Feb 17, 2005
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    My brain froze on this post... It reminded me of hunting squirrels at 12 years old with CO2 airguns... :eek: