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    Nov 20, 2007
    Yes I am new, and want to say hello.

    I have been a 1911 guy since 2002. I carry a smith and wesson full size ss 1911 every day for protection. I am a private investigator and this piece has saved my a$$ twice.

    Once when someone made the age old mistake of "don't bring a knife to a gun fight" It was a big knife, but my gun seemed bigger, so we agreed that if he ran away, I would let him run away.

    And then there was the old 4 on one. Only one with with a .45 is a good bet.

    So I really can't leave home without taking it. Since May of 2002 I only have left home with out it on 2 occasions.

    1. My wedding. (I almost did bring it, but I figured no one there was a good target)
    2. A concert where I knew I would be turned away at the gait durnig the search.

    I have been thinking of buying a Kimber 3 inch for easier carry, but I am so attached to my Smith that I am not sure. I think the Kimber is top notch, it's just a security blanket thing.

    Now when I bought my smith and wesson, I did have serious feed issues. I ran 500 rounds through it and it continued. I found a fantastic gun smith and gave it to him. He did the usual feed ramp tlc. and I have not had any issues since. Now to clarify that I will say this. On occasion I will have a feed problem when the gun gets dirty always has been at 170 or more rounds.

    I go to the range atleast once a month and bring 200 rounds of Federal 230 grain hp with the +p rating (the law enforcement ammo).

    I always shoot what I carry.

    So since failures have always and only occured at the 170+ rounds, I concider the gun 100% reliable because if you have fired a hundred and seventy five rounds in a day for protection, I figure you have one hell of a problem and you might as well throw the gun at someone at that point.

    Since the gunsmith adjusted the gun I am sure it will work as long as I keep it under 170 in a day.

    Now each failure(5) has occured at 173 and 175. Real odd. I document each trip to the range, I won't count failures prior to the tweek.

    5 failures in 6300 rounds. Again the failures were clearly after the gun was dirty.
    I also field strip once a week just to be sure yesterdays lunch isnt in there. Am I over cleaning it?

    I once read a guy say " I am not dying because I was to lazy to clean my gun" I agree.

    If it isn't spotless, it isn't mine.

    I am glad to join this little club, we all have something in common.:D

    Take care,
    Dave M.
  2. Welcome to TFF S+W! Glad to have you with us. :) If you're "into" things shoot, you have come to the right place.

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    Nov 20, 2007

    If you decide to go after Europe, let me know.
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    Psssst, Pistol, how did he know I was a people?