High quality 22 auto for target shooting

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by antiquerestorer, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Mike_MTM_Rolla

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    Jul 17, 2005
    Rolla, Missouri
    I have several .22 pistols....the best of the bunch is a High Standard Military model...a very accurate and fun to shoot pistol.....a close second for fun is my Ruger 22/45 with long barrel and EOTech sight. It is great for reteaching me fundamentals......then....of course there is the tacklebox gun....an old standard model....I love them all.....the Rugers need trigger work...the High Standard is just right as it came out of the box.....shoots as well as I can....

    btw...the EOTech is great....lets me shoot 12 ga shotshells quickly at 25 yards....a trigger job helped to...
  2. skeeter1

    skeeter1 New Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    As much as I love my Beretta 87...

    I don't pretend that it's any match for a Smith & Wesson Model 41. There's a 7" M41 at my local shop right now for ~$800 that I can't help but drool over every time I go there. I just think the 7-inchers are more attractive than the 5-inchers, but in practical terms, I doubt there's any significant difference in accuracy.

    There are a couple of excellent-condition Colt Woodsman Match Target pistols (another favorite of mine) over on gunbroker.com in the ~$1K range.
  3. AutoHound

    AutoHound New Member

    Aug 12, 2007
    (Hope nobody minds me resurrecting an old thread!)

    I bought a S&W Model 41 with the 5" barrel back in about 1981. I loved the gun but it would not reliably shoot standard velocity bullets! I bought it to be a target gun and fully expected to be able to shoot the most accurate ammo. I sent it back twice to S&W and the second time they kept it! They sent me a new gun! It wouldn't shoot the standard velocity rounds either, and though I love this gun (as long as I shoot high velocity ammo), It still burns me that I don't have that original gun.

    I've not shot another gun that has the trigger this gun has, but I haven't really shot a lot of high end target guns. I have a mid 70's High Standard Sharpshooter, and it's a pretty nice gun, but it does have some problems feeding any ammo. I suppose I need to try a new magazine.

    Does anybody have experience with the new Model 41's? I'm wondering if they are as good as the older models.

    This seems like a great forum! Looking forward to reading more informative posts here!
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  4. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Friend, welcome to our wierd world, and forum!
    I own a couple of Smith 41's, and from my experience, cleanliness and lubrication are their issues; mags have never been, IMHO.
    I use Moly Disulphide grease, exclusively, on slide ways of auto pistols, and while it stains everything it touches, it works well!
    I also have a few (Ct) High Standard pistols, and feel they are in a 'class above' the Smiths, as all are accurate, reliable, arms, with no 'niggles', whatsoever.
    Some random, perhaps arcane, thoughts.
    I load a lot of 'Cast bullet', centerfire ammo, and use only lubricants that feel 'sticky', at the temp I will be shooting; they seem to work, as I win lots of toys, with them
    My rimfire ammo, I cannot control the lubes on, but, store in a 'cool, dry, place', the bottom shelf of the 'fridge', in the garage, to preserve the life of the lube. If the lube feels hard, coarse, whatever, it prolly ain't gonna shoot well: just my experience.
    The feed ramps on all my .22 pistols, are almost mirrorlike, in appearance; some came that way, some needed a bit of help, but all have that appearance, now, and I have no 'unreliable' pistols, or dogs!
    If you have a 'rough' feed ramp, use a craytex, or similar burr, to polish away the tool marks, but go no further!
    There are occasions, like early Walthers, and Smith M-39's, where the ramp truly needs to be re-shaped, for short bullets, but we are talking generalities, here, not a gunsmithing class,
    Keep it clean, well lubed, and use 'sticky' ammo, and the Smith will amost shoot with a High Standard; of course, 'sticky ammo' takes us back to 'clean'!
    all the best;
  5. muddober

    muddober Active Member

    Sep 19, 2008
    I too am a fan of High Standard 22 autos but LD has had me thinking about a Smith and Wesson model 41 or model 46. I am curious if anyone has any more information other than the above post on the difference between the model 41 and model 46. I know that the 41 has a higher degree of finish and wood grips but I am more concerned with accuracy differences if any.


  6. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    I've gotta agree, I've NEVER owned a more precise pistol than my 1941 High Standard model B.
    And I've been thru a few pistols in my time :)
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