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    I just got a High Standard Sporting Firearms , Hamden Conn, 22cal.Camp Gun 9 shot revolver with a 6 inch barrel,checked grips and adjustable rear sight. I don't have a working camera but the gun is in very good shape with very little wear marks. SN# S497xx Does anyone know when this was made and rough value? I know value is tough with no pics, but my kid already said it is his so I won't be getting rid of it anyways. Fun plinker Thanks and GOD Bless!
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    With the price of ammo nowadays just about any .22 revolver is desireable. Your High Standard was a popular, lower-cost gun back in the late 1960's- early 1970's. I think the adjustable-sight models sold for about $100 new. Rough value today is $250.
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    The basic gun was the High Standard Sentinel, a double action .22 revolver of a quite good design. During the first "cowboy" craze, they made the same basic gun with a western style grip and a fake ejector rod to simulate a single action revolver. They later made them in a steel frame and used the Sentinel name on revolvers made for them by Dan Wesson and others. But the original Sentinel was a pretty good revolver and quite accurate, as would be expected from H-S.

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    Revolver Hi_Standard SENTINEL DELUXE ...R106



    Luis Fernando
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    Note that the Camp gun asked about was not one of the aluminum framed Sentinels but a Steel framed Sentinel.

    The dating and information about the aluminum framed Sentinels needs a little modification.

    * R-100. The first Sentinel series was called the R-100. Introduced February 1955.
    * R-101. Introduced June 1956. the hammer and trigger mechanisms were slightly modified for the R-101 series.
    * R-102. Introduced January 1961., the R-102 series - a return spring was added to the ejector rod. On the earlier models, if you didn’t remember to manually retract the ejector into the cylinder before closing the cylinder you would put a nasty scratch on the left side of the frame.
    * R-103. Introduced March 1961.The R-103 series had slots milled into the ejector instead of drilled holes. The 2.38" barreled Sentinel continued in production as a 103 until the introduction of the R-108 The other R-103 models were replaced by the R-106 series guns.
    * R-104. In April 1962 the R-104 Sentinel Imperial was issued with two-piece checkered walnut grips, a ramp front sight, and a target-style trigger. The Nickel Imperials ended in mid 1964 and the blued versions ended in mid 1965 Note they overlapped the R-106 production
    * R-105. There are several R-105 survivors known to me but it was not a prototype nor was it a specific design series. A scarce gun that is even more scarce than the Armamex Sentinels
    * R-106. In March 1965 the R-106 Sentinel Deluxe was introduced The ramp front sight was replaced with a blade, but the gun retained its checkered walnut grips.
    * R-107. This was also a Sentinel Deluxe. The aluminum die castings changed as did the trigger and contact pin assembly
    * R-108. In July 1967 the Snub-nose Sentinel was given a two-piece grip and the R-108 series designation.
    * R-109. The Kit Gun was introduced in August 1970 and given the R-109 series designation. This was the first Sentinel model with a fully adjustable rear sight.

    Three versions of the Camp gun were made from 1976 through 1984 - .22 LR and .22 WMR in 1976 and a two cylinder combo the rest of the time. based on my current research.

    A ship date cannot be accurately determined with a partial serial number since they did not ship in serial number order but it was probably no earlier than early 1976.

    The steel framed Sentinels command higher prices in general. The value is all about condition.
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