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High Standard Sport-King .22 Pistol

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

    CountryGunsmith New Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Deep Piney Woods of East Texas
    Posts: 1
    (2/18/03 2:39:51 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del All Hi-Standard Sport King .22 LR for a Colt 1991A1 .45 SS?
    I own a Hi-Standard Sport King .22 LR that I've had for many years. I don't know the history behind it, or what year it was made. I have seen similiar pistols sell online for anywhere from $275 to $595. There is a large gun show coming to town this weekend, and I'd really like to trade this pistol in for a Colt 1991A1 .45 stainless Government model (new). I have seen these pistols sold online for $625 and up.

    What I'd like to know is, how much do you think I'd be able to get for my Hi-Standard on trade in for the Colt? I'd hope I could get $300 trade in, but is that unrealistic? I know everyone has to make a profit, and I don't know how much profit is acceptable.

    The Hi-Standard is in great condition. It has the factory plastic grips and has no rust, and very little wearing.

    Thank you!

    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 5622
    (2/18/03 3:32:54 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: Hi-Standard Sport King .22 LR for a Colt 1991A1 .45 SS?
    Hello Snakeyez77, and welcome the The Firearms Forum.
    We'll try to help you out, but we'll need a little more information.
    With or without slide lock, do you have a 1st model, 2nd, 3rd model? Lightweight?

    Give us what information that is on you pistol, and condition as in 60,70,80,90,95,98% and we'll do the best we can.

    A typical 95% condition piece, may bring in the ballpark of $250.00.

    "Tell the gossipers and liars I will see them in the fire" - Johnny Cash, Let the train whistle blow


    Posts: 2
    (2/18/03 4:11:13 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del thanks!
    I would say this is a good 90% just to be safe. It does have a slidelock. As far as 1st, 2nd or 3rd model, I'd love to know that myself. I haven't been able to find good information anywhere on it. I do know it is not like the typical newer models I've seen at gun shows. Something about the barrell release button looks sorta different. I'd say it is a 1st model, or definitely a 2nd model.

    I thank you for your help. And the $250 ballpark figure, is that what I may get for a trade-in, or is that a resale figure?


    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 5623
    (2/18/03 4:33:01 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: thanks!
    FYI, the 1st mdl had a take-down lever... the 2nd mdl.has SK100 stamped on the right side of the slide, and the 3rd mdl. may be stamped either mdl.102 or 103.

    there are still variables... possibly an additional 20% for 102 models.

    IMO, 90% condition you'd be looking at the $160.00-$200.00 resale value.

    Posts: 3
    (2/18/03 9:57:04 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: thanks!
    ZigZag2, thanks for your help! I'll check the pistol a little closer and get back with you!

    Thanks again,

    Posts: 4
    (2/19/03 7:58:39 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del here's the pistol info....does this help?
    Ok, here's the pistol information.
    I guess the s/n is 476193 and then it says SK-100, so I guess it's a 2nd generation model. Next it says HIGH STANDARD MFG. CORR, HAMDEN, CONN., U.S.A., .22 L.R.

    After looking at this pistol, it is in excellent condtion, at least 95%. (I had it locked away in a friend's safe, if you were wondering).

    Anyway, I hope I have good luck this weekend at the gun show. I really want a new Colt .45.

    Thanks again!
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