High Standard Value?

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  1. "High Standard Supermatic Trophy Military"

    Ran across one of these but don't know what the market for them really is...The Books have it really high $825.00 range. Are they really good shooters or just for collecting? What are they really worth?

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  2. They are exceptional shooters (I have five 'original' HS pistols, and one of the current-mfg Houston HS pistols). You simply wont find a better .22 pistol. I know, I know, Ruger-Ruger-Ruger, but all that tricking-out we do to the Ruger pistols is just to make them shoot like a High Standard. S&W 41? Nice, but not quite. Woodsman MT? Love 'em, have a couple, but they wont outshoot the HS.

    Original High Standard pistols have a devoted collector following - but HS collectors are every bit as persnickety about condition as any Winchester collector, and maybe even more so. Mint HS Supermatic Trophy 106's or 107's, with accessories, and the correct crisp box, will bring every bit of $800. Get some finish wear (and they wear easily), and they drop to shooter-grade at $400 in a BIG HURRY.

    High Standard collecting is all about CONDITION, ACCESSORIES and BOXES.

  3. Thanks Doc!...I'm going to take another look at it!...;)
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    Jul 2, 2003
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    Don't shoot it before you start haggling or you'll pay whatever they want!
    I've got a Victor,Trophy (military grip).Slant grip Citation with muzzle break and weights,a M 41,and had a couple of Rugers.None of them compare with the High Standards!
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    Oct 18, 2003
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    AMEN, Country Gunsmith. Smith never had the trigger, and seldom the barrel, and Ruger has only price.
    Anybody can make a gun shoot, added enough money.
    In my neck of the woods, the pistol would have a tag in the 800 range, and see about 600-625 as a sale price, at 98%.
    If it is below 95%, it just needs to be shot, by someone who appreciates an accurate pistol. It TRULY will out shoot most .22 RIFLES!
    Of course, I didn't mention caliber- If it's a .22 short, you can add about $150 to the price, since I've seen only a couple of these late rapid fire pistols.
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