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    A man went to have a tooth pulled, and the dentist said, "I will need to give you an anesthetic."

    The man said, "No, I don't need anything. Just pull the tooth."

    The dentist said, "You won't be able to withstand the pain!"

    The man said, "I have been through excruciating pain twice in my life. Just pull the tooth."

    The dentist pulled the tooth, and the man didn't even flinch. The dentist said, "If pain experience left you with that pain tolerance, I would like to know about it."

    The man said, "I went on a hunting trip with three other men, and we stayed in a cabin. We hunted Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and when Thursday came, all were tired but me...so I went out by myself. When I got about four miles from the cabin, on snow-covered ground, I realized I had to 'do my business.' Knowing I couldn't make it back to the cabin, I decided to go right there. I tucked behind a tree and dropped my pants and squatted down to go. I didn't see the trap under the snow cover, and when I squatted, my privates dropped in the trap and tripped it, and it slammed shut on them."

    The dentist said, "Wow! If that was the first time, when was the second experience?"

    The man replied, "When I ran out of chain on the trap."

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    that's right up there with anything dealing with a cathater ( sp??) and fingernails on the chalkboard...... OUCH!!!!!
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