"Historical Triva" ... The 2nd Amendment

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    He must teach at a university that grants a Liberal Arts Degree! Someone who clearly hates the Constitution and what it stands for shouldn't be allowed to spew that swill to young minds.
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    This Mutt ?

    Contact Information

    Calvin H. JohnsonProfile Permalink
    Work (512) 232-1306
    Fax (512) 471-6988
    Office: TNH 3.118F
    The University of Texas at Austin
    727 E Dean Keeton Street
    Austin, TX 78705

    why am i interested in this guy ??

    he write UN tax laws too like this one that hit the US last year via obama ..

    Recognizing Built-In Gain on Contribution to a Partnership, 133 TAX NOTES 905 (Nov. 14,

    whats this you ask ? ( if you care )

    ok you and a friend start a business, you pay your taxes , you make a few bucks and live ok .. you get by ..

    then you get hit with a tax bill of 10% of every cent you pulled in over the ten years you have been operating ...

    WHY ? theres soon to be a taxable value of partnerships .. think about it ..

    husband wife business's family buisiness , these are all partnerships

    corporations are staff , employees directors and boards ..

    these will be exempt from the classification ...

    it is one of the most crippling tax paths for People based business ever put in place and no-one noticed it .... and this mutt wrote it ... HE's UN ....

    this was passed and explained as a safeguard for partnerships in case they broke down.. and it does , but also made that value taxable .... and when a partnership dissolves , the tax man will be there for his chunk of the action


    is his CV , check for yourselves
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