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    Question: What was the most history changing event besides the American Revolution?
    Answer: The assassination of John F. Kennedy! After that, this country went to hell. LBJ was scared to death of the Chinese. He also perpetrated the biggest failure of social policy ever, the "Great Society", more properly known as the Welfare State. He refused to supply enough troops and equipment to win in 'Nam. All the presidents after him, with exception of Reagan, were LOSERS! Especially Carter and the closet communist bastard Clinton.
    We were a superpower until Carter made us look like a bunch of inept cowards. Reagan restored some honor and pride to the U.S.A. but Clinton tried to totally destroy our military and appease (read kiss ass) our enemies. The first thing Clinton did was give (read personal bank account grew substantially) the Chinese everything they needed to drop a giant bomb right on our heads. The Russians wouldn't even give the Chinese such info! The deal was that the Chinese couldn't sell anything to any nation. They got around that by GIVING the info to N. Korea! Then India, Pakistan, then Iran. That's HIGH TREASON! :mad: Clinton should be shot on sight. The wool was pulled over most American's eyes by the Lewinski scandal while his treason was swept under the rug. The media helped in the cover-up of his treason, among other things.
    And we're STILL in the United Nations! Communism gives itself less worrisome names these days; liberals, progressives, libertarians, etc.
    Communism is alive and well and works out of D.C. instead of Moscow. If you think not, then you're in denial or you're one of them!
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