HK 91, Fn Fal, or M14

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    Ok. I signed up on here just so I could get on this thread. I am not going to talk about the M14 as I don’t know much about it other than my pops old war stories.
    I have shot many FALs and they were all junk. The FN FAL was originally designed as a 7.62 x 39 NATO answers to the SKS (pre AK). Later NATO decided to go to the new 7.62 x 51 and thus the rifle was changed and forced into service. The gun was never designed to shot 308. And the new round pushed the gun to its limits. DSA makes a lovely version for just above a grand. For me I could never commit to buying one after all the problems I had with the Belgian and Century versions. I never liked the idea of gas action on a large caliber rapid fire weapon. New mags are expensive too.
    The G-3 was first designed by Century Arms International. It was labeled the Centme and worked on what is called "blow back" action. It was modeled after the German WWII MG 42 belt fed machine gun. The bolt rides on super smooth rollers attached to a spring. NO GAS! The gun had lots of flaws and failures to eject and double feeds. H&K later came afterwards and produced the G-3 or H&K -91. It works on the same concept but not the same principle. Most think that the centme and G-3 are the same. THEY ARE NOT! The G-3 works on “Delayed Blow Back" which fixed the aforementioned problems with the Centme. H&K produced a whole line based on this design. From MP-5 to PSg-1(one of the best sniper rifles in the world) they all work on the same design just different size. The G-3 is practically a striped down PSg-1. The rifle was so successful that Germany’s large weapons manufacture, Rhinemettall produced a version of the G-3 also and their bolt carriers are very sought after as well. PTR produces the G-3 for just about the same cost as an entry DSA FN FAL. PTR -91 is essentially an H&K 91 with a thicker bull barrel and upgraded hand guard. PTR purchased the tooling machines from the Belgian govt (who chose the G-3 over their own rifle) after the Belgian govt bought them from H&K. Parts for both the rifles are everywhere but another seller for me was the mags. Used ones are 98. Cents and new ones are about 3 to 4 dollars. I have put a few links on here so you can check it out on YouTube.

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