1. hstout1143

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    Jan 3, 2012
    What would this HK91 paratrooper be worth?
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  2. Roughly $3500 to $5000 depending on seriel number which will tell when made and if it was made as a paratrooper or not. The paratrooper stock is not that expensive to buy as an add on. What is the barrel length and are there any extras with it like mags (how many) case, & etc.? I just watched anice 91 sell for over $3500 on one of the action sites but it had several mags, carry case, and som eother extras. Main thing is the numbers so as to get a general year and if it left as a paratrooper.

    I know not much help but I hope it is some help. My 91 cannot be bought for $3500 and it is NOT a paratrooper though I have a paratrooper butt stock for it.

  3. hstout1143

    hstout1143 Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2012
    The serial number is A 0279xx. There is an IB between 2 symbols below the serial number.
  4. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    very clean no abuse signs at all. 5K

    I would not sell it. In fact seal it away and tell no body where it is.
  5. Produced in 1983. The I stands for 8 and the B is for 3 thus 83. Start at 0 with your letters, I is the 8th letter and B is the third so that is how you get year of manufacture of 83.
  6. valbehaved

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    Nov 24, 2009
    It is NOT a "paratrooper"
    There is no such thing as a "paratrooper" HK91.
    It is just a retractable stock HK91(A3 configuration)
    You can add such stock to any HK91.
    There is no way to tell if the rifle left the factory with retractable stock or whether it was added later on, as long as the stock is original HK made and has an appropriate date code on it.
    IB is NOT 1983.
    It is 1981.
    Finally, it is NOT worth 5K.
    Google "HK91 for sale" and see for yourself what similar rifles sold for in the past.
    I would estimate a price range of $2300-2500 retail if in excellent original condition.
    "Quick sale" price is around $1800-2000.
    Then why do HK reps tell us (told me in person t shot show) to use the codes as I stated, built in 1983 IF you do as the HK reps state!
    As to value, real balue is by what they are BRINGING on open market and I watched one sell for over $3500 just a couple days ago. Look at the auction sites and see the averages of HK 91s as of late.

    That is the problem with asking what something as to worth on a forum, everyone has an opinion just lije they have a-holes. The problem is when some do not agree with the balue some state, some A-HOLE runs their mouth and claims all are wrong.

    Bottom line is do some research and you will find the date is 83 and as to value, use what they ahve sold for on teh auctions in the past 30 days or so. Anyone can pull out a blue book but a blue book is a poor reference by itself.

    Will be the last time I statte what some is on this forum. I know what the HK people mtell me in oerson yet son A-Hole contradicts me. Screw this crap, I do not need it so will NEVER offer anotehr piece of info on this forum again. TFF is going to HE!! in a hand basket as of late IMHO.

    IMHO and ONLY that, hstout1143 if you want to sell it quick, throw it out there on some of the proper forums at $3500 an dwatch it go fast. Also contact HK and you will see, 1983 as date of manufacture.
  8. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Well JJ calm down a bit. Dont get in hot water.

    I have seen them sell for 3500 down here too. I have also seen them sell at 2K, which is way too cheap for these rifles.

    Heck a new mr 556 can be purchased all day long for 3K. Checks buds and some others. Why then would a 91 not bring upwards of 3 to 5K? If I wanted a new or as close to new one as possible I would expecxt to pay 5K. From the looks of this one in the pics it is cherry cherry.

    If you can pick these up for 1800 all day long then do it. When the economy turns around sell them for 3500 all day long.
  9. valbehaved

    valbehaved Member

    Nov 24, 2009
    Links to HK year of manufacture code info and to recent internet sales on a large internet auction site that illustrate my previous statements.
    If the moderators feel that the links to closed auctions are not allowed - please, feel free to remove the links and accept my apologies.
    Going back 3 months on a major internet auction sales, it appears that the HK91 sales range from $2000 to $3500, with majority clustering in $2500-2700 range. One should also account for extras(mags, scopes, extra stocks, etc.) that were included in some and probably contributed to some of the higher priced sales, but were also part of some of the lower end and mid-range sales too.
    Some of the HK91s in the links are in "fixed stock" configuration.
    An original adjustable HK91 stock can be purchased separately for around $250-350 extra.
    On the other hand, given the outstanding condition of this rifle, I would have to revise my previous retail price estimate to $2750.
    It can sell for more or it can sell for less depending on who wants it and how badly they want it.
    However, we only have the previous sales records to compare to and to make any kind of projections.
    And these are just that: projections or estimates of price based average sales prices from the past 3 months.
    Hope it helps to clarify my original statement.

    Completed auction site numbers:
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  10. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    I love this rifle, but I finally got rid of my 91 and 93 because they both mangled brass so badly they ended up in the scrap pile.
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