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    Sep 15, 2009
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    Still waiting on my books and I have been doing some reading and downloading information from manufacturers sites. The books is the main thing that I would be getting my information from but I only have the internet for now until the books arrive.

    One things that I have either missed or its not shown is when using Hodgdons site http://data.hodgdon.com/main_menu.asp if you pick for instance Pistol then 357 magnum and whatever powder/bullet it does not show primer, however if you download the pdf chart for reloading they show primer (Manufacturer/size and number) and magnum or regular primer.

    Does anyone know how they are suppose to know which primer is used when using the online version? maybe I just missed something.
  2. The primer can be critical in really hot max. loads. Most of
    the time you can use any primer you can get ahold of and
    start a few grains lower and work up to the load you are
    going to use. Just watch for pressure signs along the way.


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