Holster for Pietta 1858 New Army .44 Revolver?

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    Nov 5, 2012
    Dear Friends,
    I hand-make holsters, but I am not cheap. Mainly because I do not use a sewing machine, but sew them by hand with double needles. This takes time, and time is money! I use heavy saddle leather for all the holsters I make, and that's not cheap either. However they DO last. You could pass them onto your children!
    A side note on Neatsfoot Oil. Do not use it on the inside of a holster to improve your, "Fast Draw." It will eventually result in a gummy mess! If you want a revolver to come out of a holster real slick, take a cotton ball, and dip it in some talcum powder, and smear the inside of the holster with a thin film of the powder. You'll be surprised at how quickly and smoothly the gun will come into your hand! If you are a western Gun Enthusiast, and have paid ANY attention to history, you'll know that in the Old West there was no such thing as a fast draw. That came about as a result of a surge of interest in Old Wests History in about the 1920's. Some writers, anxious to climb on the bandwagon, actually decided to look up some of the stories about the Old West Gunmen, and researched old newspaper accounts. In the journalistic parlance of the 1880's, it was customary to refer to a dangerous man as being one who was,"Quick to Shoot." This did NOT mean that he was fast on the draw! It meant that he had an uncertain temperament, and was liable to resort to the use of firearms at very little provocation! But these writer bucko's didn't have the sense to realise this, and they, "invented," Fast Draw!
    In actual fact the very first Fast Draw contest was in California,(Where else?) in 1950, and was organised by no less a pistoleero than the Late, Great Jeff Cooper! (Former Colonel, U.S.M.C.) It was called, "The Leatherslap Contest." From this early beginning, came the I.P.S.C., and later on, Cowboy Action Shooting. The most prominent organisation in this sport is S.A.S.S. (Single Action Shooting Society.) the Leaders of which seem to regard themselves as above us mere mortals! They can be recognised at competitions, dressed in Old West Garb, (But a lot cleaner than the originals!) and staggering under the weight of enough artillery to make their horses swaybacked! They claim to be "Realistic," in their approach to the sport, but have rules that are very restrictive to persons who really know how to carry and use a pistol safely! However, when one looks at some of the competitors, one has to consider that the rules are probably a good idea. Wouldn't do shooters as a hole any good, if some of them shot themselves! Especially at a contest where there were lots of spectators!!!(Sigh!)
    Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslinger9378.
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    Aug 30, 2012
    I saw holsters of the "Hickock" style at Cabala's...looked to be for 8 1 1/2" barrel.
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