"Home Defense Loads..." Your Opinion.

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    Reply | Edit | Del All Hey Mo! "Home Defense Loads..." Your Opinion.
    Mo, this got wild on GB months ago.

    What do you use as your "Home Defense" load?

    I use Remington Field #6s... Tell you why later, if we get into it again.
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    I use #4 buck, 2 3/4". But I also keep a K-98 handy, loaded with some HOT surplus! IMHO a K-98 with bayonet is still a very formidable weapon! It can make very quick work of closed doors or just about anything else that could use a good pounding. Nothing like being on the wrong end of a battle rifle with bayonet mounted!!! The only time I ever actually had to draw a bead on someone in my home I was pretty young and all I had was my single shot winchester 12 with trap loads. It was enough to send the two would be burglars skulking back out into the darkness with no questions asked! I didn't even say a word, when some light from a streetlight outside the window hit the barrel,I could actually FEEL them S%$T their shorts, it was like a tangible electric charge in the room. I was about 14 and man was I scared!
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    Re: Hey Mo! "Home Defense Loads..." Your Opinion.
    I use Winchester Super X 2 3/4 #6 turkey loads. I have used them to dispatch two feral cats out here on the farm, and let's just say I sleep very well at night.
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    really hard to beat barbed wire and claymores

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    I use "Lucky"....1/2 rottweiler, 1/2 retriever. He's a real pussycat, but you'd never know it to look him, or if you came to the door at night.

    Of course, there's always "Mother", my tricked out 1911 as backup.

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    Finally cleaned out the garage, so I can get to my lumber pile and drywall scrap.

    Going to make a "wall" to test the birdshot penetration at various ranges, then shoot it with OOB, and handgun and rifle rounds too. And try to post the pictures with my results.

    I promised to do this on GB seems like years ago to prove birdshot was the best home defense load, but never got around to it yet.

    The bad news is since I can get to my pile, my wife wants me to rebuild those back steps like I promised, darn, gonna have to think up another excuse.
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    Polish and all you other "Home Defense Shotgunners" - take a peek at the "Compliments of Jody Hudson posting here in this forum. It contains just about everything you ever wanted to know about using shotguns and various loadings for home defense.

    You may not have to build those Faux walls, PS!
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    I have seen 3 people shot at close range( 3 feet to about 14 feet) with shotguns loaded with light loads, two in 12ga. and one in 20ga. I understand the power that a shotgun can have up close. Even high power rifles dont compare. My "main" house gun is an old rem 1100 with a 18' barrel with a screw in rifled slug choke. The slug choke makes the pattern open up quicker. I keep it loaded with whatever I have left from dove season, 7.5's or 8's. I kept an 870 with a short tube loaded the same way for a long time. But the 1100 has proven itself completely reliable with what ever you feed it and its easier for my wife to operate.

    I think mossberg makes a .410 in a home defense package. I'd like to look at it a little closer.........


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    One word of caution, though, too many people think shotguns are an "Area" fire weapon at ALL ranges.

    At "living room ranges," you STILL have to aim...a 1"-3" max spread can still easily miss a man sized target "from the hip..."

    It's a point shoot weapon at that range...I've seen John Shaw take accurate "Head Shots" only with "Hostage targets" unhit, not even close, with Buckshot at 10 yds, by aiming...you could do it with bird too if you practice and know your gun/tube.

    Try it next time you are on the range, you will be surprised at the control you have at 10-20 feet.
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    Re: Hey Mo! "Home Defense Loads..." Your Opinion.

    I'd still love to see your tests and pictures. I'd love to have them for my file.

    What caused me to do the test -- was the speeds (fps) that are advertised on the fastest of the new small shot loads. I asked a shotgunner friend of mine and he seemed certain that these new 1400-1500 fps speeds are a NEW thing.

    Since I'm a speed freak, when it comes to fast downing of an animal, I decided to look into these new rounds.

    Best of all, the fastest were almost always the cheapest Walmart and Gunshop rounds available. I LOVE... better and cheaper.
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    I'll take pictures when I do it, but don't know when I'll get around to it. the steps have to be rebuilt first...maybe if it doesn't rain Saturday....

    I can drywall both sides, but don't have anything for siding...HHhmmmm....

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    House gun

    I've got two daughters, one a southpaw. Being naturally lazy, but loving them both, the issue of home defense was duly considered, with the following answers derrived.
    (1) There are very few shotguns we ALL can shoot, reasonably well.
    (2) A shotgun, given issues of stopping power, capacity, intimidation, and price, is the best, maybe, only, answer.
    (3) The Ithaca 37 is the only truly ambidexterous shotgun I know of; other makers produce left and right handed guns, but only Ithaca puts them together as one.
    (4) Having carried one in the ugliest places on earth, with total reliability, I'm sold, so the only question left is the load.
    (5) Lawyers, being hungrier, and more numerous, than roaches, also being an issue, dictate limited penetration, in a dwelling.

    Bottom line, a short (18 1/2") Ithaca 37, loaded with #8's, in several places 'round the house, serves us REAL well.
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  3. bambihunter

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    Dec 29, 2003
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    Both my wife and I prefer pistols for home defense over shotguns. However, I've got a buddy that has a method I thought had some merit and I thought I'd mention for what it's worth...

    He says he loads his shotgun (it holds 8 in the magazine plus one in the pipe) like this:

    The one in the pipe is loaded with 9's
    The very next one is 4's
    the next one is a slug
    then 4's, then slug (repeat until full).

    His logic is that the first one with 9's will have the most spread and if a person receives even the most minor wound most likely they will want to get out of there and he won't have to kill them. Also, that load will have the most spread and most pellets which would increase the odds of that first shot hitting the target.
    He likes 4's because they still will spread yet still will penetrate if the person is wearing heaving clothing.
    The slug is for firing through the sheetrock walls if needed as well as a massive hole but of course your aim must be true as if you're using a pistol.

    He said he used to incorporate BB loads in the rotation as well (between the 4's and the slugs) but a buddy actually had to use his shotgun one time and ended up with a few bb's back in his leg. The 4's didn't ricochet, nor did the slugs, but the bb's did...
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    Oct 9, 2008
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    id agree with stash247, ithica model 37, 12ga. bought one for $80 at a small (maybee 10 guns max) gun/hardware store. someone said it might have had time in around vietnam. dont know, but i do know it had a short barrel with an 8 shot capacity, with a 2 3/4" chamber only, which means shorter quicker action. but probably the #1 feature, slam fire option. try firing your 8shot pistol gripped, ar15 butstocked $800 870express as fast as you can. some times you pump faster than you can fully release the trigger, then it wont fire. the ithica though...... hold the trigger back and pump off all 8 in about 2 sec. now thats power and reliability. thats my "long" gun choice.

    when it comes to "short" barreled shotguns- only one choice here too, my taurus judge. 3" long cylinder,3" long rifled barrel, fires .410shotgun/.45colt, and holds 5, double action, fiber optic front sight. yes .410 for several reasons. #1-you definately dont have to worry about over penetration(i have 3 kids) #2-fits in small places, #3-fastest grab and shoot accuratley shotgun i know of, #4-its a revolver, reliability? yes. #5- it holds 5, same as any normal shotgun. #6-3" rifled barrel makes a perfect full torso spread @ 10'. #7-recoil is pleasant. my favorite load is a brand called "Fear no Evil", 2 1/2" shot shells, 00 buck x 4pellets, 1200fps. (00buck=.33"dia)

    and if your still wondering .410? if youve ever been in a gunfight, you know that once you see that gun, and/or the first shot is fired, your not thinking "oh hes only got a .410, or a .22lr, ill be ok.." youll be thinking about cover or kill first. and if you can win without even firing a shot, you still win, thats how we made it through the Cold War.
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