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  1. TranterUK

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    Something to aspire to, to be valued? Perhaps an old fashioned idea, not to be worried about?

    What, if anything, does it mean to you?
  2. It's something to be valued. I believe in it and strive to live by it.


  3. It means everything, Tranter. A man without honor is a man with neither soul nor purpose in this life, a mere thing of less value than a cockroach. Yet that does not define what honor actually is. I think it may only be defined in terms of its application. A man of honor means--to me at least--one who is true to his word in all things, one who stands for, and is willing to fight for, what is right and just in this world, not merely what is expedient. An honorable man is one who is strong when strength is called for, but never one who will inflict harm without need. He is a helper of the needy, and a defender of those unable to defend themselves. The term "honorable man" is a misnomer, for a man without honor is not truly a man. Just my 2d worth, my friend. ;)
  4. SARG

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    Mar 25, 2007
    Touched a nerve with that post.

    The lack of honor..integrity..honesty..following the golden rule ... has become something I've given thought to quite a bit.

    Seems the majority of the herd don't have issues about lying or misleading or stating they will do something and then just forget about it.

    After several decades, I have now just started crossing people off my list and have made a concerted effort to forget they are alive. No more thinking the best and providing a second or third chance.

    The expression ..... First one..shame on you and second one ... shame on me has really hit home.

    Funny thing is that as I continue to cross turds off the list .... I barely notice their absence.
  5. I like what Pistol said.

    As it was taught to me "Honor/Honour" is the constant act of relentlessly upholding other values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selflessness, Integrity, Courage, Generosity, Humility, Patience, Compassion.

    A man who meets his enemy and defeats that enemy, and shows his enemy respect and generosity, even though he could be cruel without repercussion, he is honorable because he displays those good values.

    A man who insists on being honest when he could lie and there is no one who can challenge his word, he is upholding his integrity, so then he is honorable.

    A man who refuses to let fear decide his decisions has courage, and if he carries his obligations until finished, he has done his duty, so he is honorable.
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    Aug 24, 2008
    Couldn'a said it better myself....so I won't.

    "Friendly" with many.....friends with few.
  7. TranterUK

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    Perhaps I should say what it means to me.

    Everything :)
  8. That pretty well summarizes it, Tranter. ;)
  9. SARG

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    Mar 25, 2007
  10. armedandsafe

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    Fits right along with "have a plan ... "

    Honor (however spelled :p) is the support arm that keeps good people good.

  11. Mr. Nameless

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    it is something that if you don't have it you have nothing, everything in the world means nothing without honor, there are civilizations based on honor, and every famous person has probably had a qoute related or about honor(not including actors)
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    Steel on target.
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    Excellently put and worthy of framing.
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