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Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by CC45, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. CC45

    CC45 New Member

    Jul 15, 2012

    Today at the range while loading my magazine I noticed that the Hornady 9mm ammo I was using has one short bullet in the box. I didn't shoot it for concern. Any thoughts?
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  2. 312shooter

    312shooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2008
    Las Vegas NV
    Concern - yes, a bullet seated that deep will produce higher than normal pressure; a big no no firing it. Very interesting to think Hornady missed this. maybe the round was mishandled by someone, then again a fair drop directly onto the bullet tip should have indications?
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  3. CC45

    CC45 New Member

    Jul 15, 2012
    Thank you 312

    I may contact Hornady tomorrow & see if they want it returned. Glad I caught this & didn't shoot it.
  4. woolleyworm

    woolleyworm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    Yes, wise not to fire that one. I keep a kinetic puller in my range bag, a couple of taps and its good to go. Even non- reloaders should invest in a kinetic puller IMO.
  5. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    2nd time in a month we have seen short factory ammo.

  6. CCHolderinMaine

    CCHolderinMaine Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Steep Falls, Maine
    True, and on supposed "premium" ammo like Hornady...
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