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    Jul 8, 2012
    hey guys hows everyone....im getting started in reloading here pretty soon and i kno there are a bunch of different reloading kits. but what caught my eye was the hornady classic reloading kit comes with press, powder measure, digital scale, powder trickller and all the other little knick nacks you need to get you started. plus they have a deal goin on when you buy the gear you get free bullets. the price for the kit is 530$ but im sure if i shop around i can find it a little cheaper else where.... so my question is does anyone have this press is it worth what you pay. also do i get a sonic cleaner or tumbler.

    calibers i plan on reloading is .308..... 303 british ...... 45acp. and a few others

    thanks for the help guys i have been on the forum for about a month jus browsing and i know you guys have a bunch of knowledge thanks again
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