Hostess Bakery going under!

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Oct 12, 2011
    Hi Carver: I would agree with you that it is illogical to give up a perfectly good job to go on unemployment, but this is what the workers/union did. If unions do not listen to their members, then what sort of union is it? I spent 38 yrs in law enforcement, and there was the FOP union who collectively bargained for us with the city, but when hard times came, there were no raises. What happened to reasoanbleness?
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    Want a laugh search twinkie on ebay :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to the forum! I hear what you are saying, when hard times comes there are no raises. But, when the hard times came along, did the FOP petition the city for LESS money? 1984, AT&T told it's employees that they were thinking about moving over seas, because it just cost to much to make phones in America. IBEW demanded a pay raise for it's employees. I told IBEW that I would take a cut in pay to keep my job, they laughed at me! 1 month later almost 8,000 folks were looking for a job from the Shreveport plant alone!
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    Mar 25, 2012
    During my career also belonged to the FOP .....they got six fellow officers laid off so the city could buy two new garbage trucks ......:( IMHO unions Suck !

    Oh and we had a " No Strike Clause " great that worked so well too .....

    Two other jobs later in life ....Union ...did nothing but take money out of my check .......I'm not a big fan ..
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    I make my own Twinkies, taste much better. Might not last 30 years, around here lucky to last a few days. My favorite is a cream cheese/ cool whip filling sweetened with confectioners sugar.
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    Love those deep fried twinkies.
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    I am in the American Postal Worker's Union and I agree with the statement that union's suck. I have been paying union dues for several years and found out a few weeks ago that our treasurer embezzled almost $28,000 out of our local union's checking and savings accounts since November 2011. I think that the local President is in on it too, because she does not want to prosecute the treasurer!! What kind of crap is that.
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    Obama has decided to take over Hostess Foods. The cup cakes will be free to minorty prople, single mothers, illegals and Gays. The Border Patrol has been ordered to hand out coffee and Twinkies in the Mojave Desert to welcome new Democrat voters.:eek:
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    Please stop I'm trying to go to bed and I can't when I'm laughing so hard :)
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    Now that's a great post! It should be immortalized, written in stone! :D I love it!
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    I europe the unions work with the company's in hard times they do what is right for the company's and the workers. If this company was in that bad financially the union really messed up. Sounds like mismanagement to me. How can a company that sells a product everywhere be in this bad a shape.
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    Feb 27, 2011
    I hate friggin' unions. I refused to join one when teaching because all they did was take money. They were supposed to represent me in a dispute with my department head to uphold the agreement, and were nowhere to be found.

    In my current job, the entire office banded together to get rid of our incompetent manager that was running our department reputation into the ground. The union did help get rid of her, but all they did was put her in another location doing a lesser job (ours) while still getting manager's salary. She should have been fired!@!

    Now the union is protesting the latest traffic safety regulation because it doesn't allow lane splitting for motorcycles on California bases - federal property bases. California traffic law doesn't apply inside the thin blue line, and lane splitting isn't a law anyway - it's a grey area allowance withing CA law, but it's costing the Navy money to fight it.

    Unions have outlived their usefulness. Jimmy Hoffa found that out the hard way.