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    Question? Were early .357 loads hotter than todays off the shelf loads. Do you have hot(but safe) .357 loads you use.

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    The Winchester load with 296 is HOT.

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    herc 2400 = 1620 fps
    win296 = 1560 fps
    blue dot = 1500 fps

    pretty hot stuff. all with 158gr buddets.

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    Jan 13, 2013
    What Barrel length? those loads seem way Hot! if those are out of a Handgun!

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    Welcome to the forum Powder Burner, we are glad to have you:dance::dance::dance:

    Just an FYI, the thread that you responded to was originated about 10 years ago, so it's unlikely any of the original posters will respond. BUT that doesn't stop yahoos like me:D:D

    The hottest .357 load I have seen listed from a reputable source is 158 grain Speer Gold Dot out of a ten inch barrel, using Alliants' 300 MP powder, getting a claimed 1686 fps. Here's the data.
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    I have load books from 30s,+40s -believe me loads were MUCH hotter...I picked up Hornadays newest manual-.44spec-max-6.3grs Unique...I've been using Skeeters load of 7.5gr over same 240gr swc for 25 years...never a problem and will continue using I don't shoot old Colts or cheap .44s...
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    Sorry,my mistake,ive been having navigation problems on this site as you can tell.