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    Jan 1, 2003
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    The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race happens here every year in October. Lots of hot air balloons, along with a festival that includes live music, carnival rides, and food vendors. It goes on all weekend and is lots of fun.

    Marlin called from the kitchen this morning to come look out the window. There was a hot air balloon headed right toward our street. I got this picture as the balloon passed over our neighborhood.


    My daughter and I jumped into the car to see if we could follow it. We ended up at the city park 3 blocks away, where balloons were approaching right and left.





    One balloon looked like it was going to try to land on the golf course, but changed their mind at the last minute.



    A friend of mine (who happens to be a Vietnam vet) is on the chase crew of the POW balloon, so I was excited when it passed directly over my head.


  2. Deputy Dawg

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    Nice............ sounds like fun....:D

  3. Marlin

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    The best thing was the Funnel Cake from the carnival area on the Bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi......

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    I believe my ex mother-in-law could have powered one of those balloons higher than you could ever imagine !!!!! :cool:

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