how does the military best guys compare to USPSA or olympic shooters

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  1. Randy A

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Here is how it works, somebody in the cahin of command hears about a match and thinks "That would be nice if some of our boys showed up at that". So word goes down to the company level and the morning of the match "top" picks out four or five guys for a detail, so a 18 year old PFC and similar others file by the arms room and draw a .45 or 9mm that they have never been issued (thier issue weapon is an m16) while the NCOIC draws a GSA van to haul them, and they go to a match. Thier first round in competition is the first they've usually fire from that weapon. (Mind you, the average unit only trains on marksmanship less than one week out of the entire year) that's not a joke either.
    How do I know this, I joined at 17 and am a retired First Sergeant, this happened to me and I've watched it happen literally hundreds of times. I bacame "Top" and had to do the same thing. Frankly from a leaders standpoint,,, unless we are the Army Marksmanship Training Unit our real world mission is many other things than local matches. Marksmanship is a fraction of what the modern day battlefield requires.
    However, if you were to pick 10 names out of your phone book and 10 names from the military, of course the military will win. In the other category, look at the AMTU they have people winning just about every National and International title there is, of course thier job is to practice and win, just like Jerry and yes Jerry has been ousted on occasion by the Army boys.
    Whats the recipe, it's where you come from, that 18 year old PFC that fired a 1911 for the first time in his life at a match legged in that match and went on to be distinguished in four years and eight points away from double distinguished in a couple more,,, wore out a couple rifles before he was in high school.
    There is an aspect of the question that is a bit odd, the comparison is between something that is known for a sole purpose and something developed for a broad spectrum.
  2. Randy A

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Hey, they also quit using paper many years ago, it's all tactical scenario and pop up ranges now. I think it's been at least 8 years now,, at least that's what we did.

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    Last Time I qualified in the Army 2002 I did so at 25m on paper targets. Of Course this was a bunch of Garrison units in the medical field. (I was in the Vet Command at the time)

    I took a M-16 from someone walked out there laid down and proceeded to score 40 out of 40. They were all in amazement.

    When I was at Fort Hood. We had Range Week. We had a different range each day of the week. Monday M-16, Tuesday M-9, Wednesday Mk-19, Thursday M249, Friday Grenade, AT-4 and make ups. The nice thing about being one of 3 Hazmat drivers in the BN had its perks.

    Due to some Martial Mishaps I had to store all my POW (Personally Owned Weapons) int he arms room. So everyone knew I loved to shoot. Seeing as I had 15 rifles, and Pistols in there.
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    va., conn., & mo.
    eyes have a lot to do with it. military guys get a good workout with eye issues and are expected to be flawless. i/e: we would jump in, (120mph wind), hump out, (a few miles with a pack) (or how about swim out?) set up in a wind storm, then expect to shoot without any pretty little flags telling us where the wind was.

    im an old iron man. glass was for wussies.

    us old guys peter out as our careers end. i quit shooting high power when i retired. i just couldnt justify waking up 3am to pack my gear, drive to the match. sit around waiting for ammo issue, just to start shooting at 6am. then, do the day course, and starve myself, dehydrate myself when the sun came out, clean guns, repair targets, then walk over to the pistol range and shoot a 300 point match.
    drive home and collapse. then go do it for 10 more days.

    then i took up girly 22 pistol shooting. and one day i just cased the gun, and its still there unfired for over 15 years.

    i think what makes it an even race is civilians can afford the shoot and like love me trophies. thus they do well to accel.

    military are told to shoot. take away the reason shoot and there isnt a drive. i just becomes work or expensive. just my 2 cents.
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    Jan 25, 2012
    Hey Jack, First I would like to say hello and thanks to everyone for such a fine forum. There is something here for any gun enthusiast. I have been looking at the SR-25 recently as a possible purchase. I have heard stories of the rifle needing rigorous cleanings and perfect ammunition or it will often fail to extract, but never heard this from anyone who had first hand experience shooting the weapon a lot. Any help with roomers ?
    PS> I already own a AK 47 and a SKS so I'm use to hearing a bang right after the click. HA !
  6. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    my stoner 25 never had a issues and i put maybe 3000 rounds through it

    but the laws changed here so its in the lockup in the USA waiting

    i have seen some that are a mix of parts and they have had issues .. the boards show that but never seen a issue with a 100% stoner , the problems start when folks mix parts i think
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    Feb 27, 2012
    military way bette with targets that shoot back Randy
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