How Lethal Is A .22 ???

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    Now what I am going to say may piss someone off. I will set the story for you. I was 19 years old fresh back home after basic and AIT for the CANG. I came home to parents saying "Can't stay here" So I ended up crashing at an old girlfriends house. Her dad was a bit of a lush and so was the women he was with. When I say a bit of a lush on payday he would go buy $400 in booze and $25 in food. He had two kids and thank god lived on his parents property so they could go to his parents house and get a decent meal at night. I would buy food for myself and they would eat it all. So when I ran out of money trying to find an apartment and a job at the same time was very hard. I took it upon myself to feed my and his children. So I went hunting with my Remington 511-x and my trusty Chevy S10. I brought home 2 deer with that in 2 days. It was out of season and wrong but we had no food no money and well you gotta eat.

    So you can take deer with a 22 I had two one shot kills shooting Remington Yellow jackets on deer and I even took a coyote out with it as well.
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    Jan 11, 2010

    hey , anyone doubt it , from 30 yards , i'll shout GO! and count to 5 , you run as far as fast away from me as you can ;)

    .22 magnum its scary the damage it does to stuff

    dang , movie wont play ..:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

    we really need a THROW MAJOR TANTRUM emoticon bang head dont cover it sometimes ;)

    ok a big marino sheeps head and a bottle of water behind the sheeps head from 20 good paces ( about 26 yards or 25 meters )

    through the sheeps head and explodes the bottle

    ( first hit too eh ! )

    no one shooting back admittedly , but yeah .22 magnum will stuff your day get hit in the head with one
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    I can personally tell you what a well placed .22lr head shot does on raccons in the corn patch from 15-60yards....lights out every single time.
    Shot placement is the key and I sure as heck wouldnt wanna be fired at with a .22lr round!
    Good thread/post Running!
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    I know it will kill a human. My Grandfather committed suicide using a .22 LR with one shot to the heart.
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    Feb 17, 2012
    I have a book that shows a rile the Israelis used to nail palestinians. It was a Ruger 10-22 with an integral silencer. Bad!
  6. 3/2 STA SS

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    I was just looking at the same gun book today...They don't mess around overseas...they would shoot protesters with it for throwing rocks.
  7. Twicepop

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    They still haven't explained how some nobody with a seven shot cheepo revolver was able to put nine rounds into him. Nor how, from a frontal attack two of these shots were in the back of his head, quite

    those who beat their guns into plowshares, will plow for those who didn't
  8. 3/2 STA SS

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    If you want to look into strange deaths look at Bill Clinton and how those persons died in were able to cut off your own head with a circular saw?
  9. Twicepop

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    Jan 9, 2012
    NW Ohio
    That is only three of the 45 mysterious deaths of people that got in their way.

    those who beat their guns into plowshares, will plow for those who didn't
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    Feb 24, 2012
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    Every time someone asks this question I point them to this video where a man empties two .22 revolvers point blank shooting at his lawyer. The lawyer lived. Is that the caliber of gun you want for self defense? Not me.

    I saw a lot of people saying a .22 is a viable defense round in this thread before I stopped reading the comments. They're wrong. A .22 can certainly kill "if" you hit someone in the right spot. But hitting someone in the right spot is not nearly as easy as all that unless you're shooting at someone that isn't expecting to be shot. Most home invaders, criminal types, etc. are ready for a confrontation and won't be a sitting duck type target. That leaves you trying to hit a concealed and covered target and / or a moving target. The video tells you exactly what you need to know. The lawyer was shot in the neck and lived. I have a hard time believing that would have turned out the same if the guy had a .45. Yes you might still kill them or stop them with one shot of .22 LR. But a larger round has a MUCH better chance of doing the job you want done. That lawyer was shot FIVE times in the face and the upper body. That's exactly where you would try to shoot him. He walked away from it. No way he does that if the gun is a .45. Not a chance.

    Every expert in the world will tell you this. They don't just say it for fun. It's true. I know people who were shot in the head with a .22 and the bullet followed the bone alright - right around their skull and out the other side with nothing more than a cut on his head and it wasn't even that bad. He never had the slightest problem with being shot in the head. Think about what I'm saying here. He was shot in what is considered to be the most lethal spot and he barely noticed it. It's not like his life was saved by heroic efforts at the hospital either. None of his wounds were life threatening. None.

    A .22 will NOT do the damage of a larger caliber weapon like a .45 or a 9mm or a .40 caliber. It certainly won't do the damage of a centerfire rifle caliber from a .223 on up. It's not even close.

    And the idea of shooting multiple shots means you need to make multiple hits. The odds of that happening are slim. Remember Black Hawk Down? Those bad guys were being shot with .223 rounds and they kept on fighting because they were so stoned they didn't know they were hurt bad. Most people in a gun battle will quit when they see they are seriously hurt. They don't want to die. But drunks in a stupor, PCP blasted dopers, crack heads, etc. are often going to be just like those khat heads in Somalia. They won't even realize they're shot until you hit something vital that puts them down.

    If you want to be a hit man then yes a .22 can work well for you. If you want something to defend yourself and your family get a centerfire weapon with as much power as you can handle.

    There's a reason you don't see armies using .22's. Yes I know about how Israel used them to take out guards quietly. But that's one very limited example. If they were actually good for SD you'd see at least one country using them in their army. But no country does.

    I guess the question is "why" would you choose a .22 for self defense when clearly other calibers are far, far superior? It makes no sense to me at all.
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    I don't think anyone here was advocating using a .22 for self defense. The thread had more to do with the potential lethality of a .22 LR. The video showing the penetration capability of the .22 @ even a rather long range makes me inclined to rethink my opinion of the potential of the caliber. Certainly, given the variety of calibers out there, it would seem rather foolish to choose a .22 for self defense. However, a .22 may be all someone owns. Would they be better off throwing it at an intruder? I think not.
  12. 3/2 STA SS

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    If thats all I had I am aiming at the skull/eyes/nose-anything to inside that skull.
  13. JLA

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    also gotta remember Black Hawk Down is a movie.. Things happen in hollywood that dont happen in real life. Kinda hard to not know youre hurt bad when a 55 gr bullet traveling 3300 fps enters your chest cavity and makes a smoothie of your vital organs.. Your body kinda dont have a choice but to shut down regardless of how much dope is coursing thru your bloodstream.
  14. Twicepop

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    I just read a small piece about using a .22LR weapon for defensive purposes. The arcticle said that it is not a caliber that can be counted on as a stopping round, unless a head shot is made. It also said that those shot and not stopped go on as if nothing has happened to them, and then they just die rapidly. Shot placement is more important than what you shoot them with, a .22 or something larger. The .22 you have, is better that anything you don't.

    those who beat their guns into plowshares, will plow for those who didn't
  15. CJ_56

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    I know the .22 is lethal. I was responding to people talking about using it for SD. For one thing the OP mentioned using it for SD in the first post. And posts #7 and #15 for example seem to suggest it's a choice for SD. Obviously it's better than a sharp stick. But is it better than a sharp knife? I'm not so sure. Maybe.

    I really don't mean to step on any toes. If I did I apologize. I just don't think anyone should be thinking a .22 is a good SD weapon. It's ok but a .45 ACP is a lot more ok. So is a 9mm or a .40 S&W. Those are the rounds chosen by our military and police to defend themselves and us. There's a reason they choose those calibers.

    BTW Black Hawk Down might be a movie but the representation of how those guys ignored wounds is well documented in all sorts of situations. Most people have seen examples personally. I have. I saw a guy with 8 cops taking him on that couldn't feel a thing as they went after him. He just kept on fighting. Obviously he had no chance but that didn't stop him. And a person in that kind of a stupor is very apt to ignore a small caliber wound. I just referenced the movie because most of us have seen it. But I could have mentioned how a near 70 year old ex-actor got shot in the chest with a .22 and didn't notice it for a good while. The bullet was very near his heart but he didn't even realize he had been shot. His name was Ronald Reagan.

    BTW just what is the point of wanting to know the "lethality" of a round if you're not going to use it for SD? The video has a ham wrapped up in jeans. I didn't know pigs wore Levi's. Or maybe it's a Murder For Dummies video. ;)

    Yes a .22 will most certainly kill "if" the right conditions are in play. If you stick a gun to the back of someone's skull and fire into their brain stem chances are they will die. You can kill a freaking walrus like that if you can catch one asleep so it won't squash you as you get behind it. But aside from SD I can't see any other reason for even asking this question. If there is one feel free to inform me. I understand curiosity is always in play but I would guess that wasn't the whole reason for this thread. I could be wrong. I doubt it.

    I just hope people understand that SD should be done with a bigger caliber. I consider the people on this board to be my friends and I wouldn't want bad things to happen to them. We all share an interest and usually a point of view. We need all the voters we can get come November too. So eat at Chick-fil-A liberals i.e. gangsters and dope heads are boycotting it so it will be safer there. And defend yourself with a proper weapon. In case you encounter a bad guy intent on robbing and killing you you'll likely take out a guy who would vote for the wrong team and you'll keep alive someone who will vote on our side. :D Bad joke I know but you get the point.
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