How to get hand guns from Alaska to Missouri

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  1. My father-in-law is in the process of retiring and moving out of Alaska and back to Missouri. He has 4 hand guns and wanted to know what would be the easiest (and legal) way to get them from there to here. Also can ammunition be mailed by either USPS, UPS, or FEDEX? I have become the family expert here lately since I had to move a lot of fire arms recently. I knew if anyone would know, you guys would and save me hours of time surfing the internet . . . .

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    I had a similar question a while back that either stumped everybody or elicited a "who gives a damn" response, because nobody offered a reply. I wanted to know what someone is to do if they are RV'ing across North America and want to travel from Washington state to Alaska and back again (which means you have to travel through British Columbia, Canada - notoriously anti-gun) with a couple of registered, personal protection handguns.

    How do you do it LEGALLY whithout running afoul of Dudley Dooright?

    I don't have the answer but I'd love to know. This has to be a common conundrum.

  3. This may answer your questions, jpm and Pat:

    Bottom line, the best way to handle it is to arrange shipping from a licensed dealer to a licensed dealer even though that may involve some expense.
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    Nobody has replied to the shipping of ammunition. Can it be shipped from individual to individual?
  5. Ammo can be shipped by UPS ground as long as it is plainly marked ORM-D: small arms ammunition from one state to anotehr PROVIDING that the state it is going to allows that type of ammo and DOES NOT force you to register ammo purchases. In short you have to follow the laws pertaining to the state in which the ammo is destined for.

    As to hand guns from Alaska to Missouri, Pistolenschutze has given you the best advice that I as a FFL holder OR anyone one else other than the BATF can give. Ship them through a FFL holder in Alaska to a FFL holder in Missouri. IF you do that then you know you are following the laws.
  6. If you are driving, just lock them up ( unloaded ) & put in the trunk. Ammo should be locked up separately.
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    That might be a problem when they hit the Canadian border. I don't know Canadian firearm laws, but I've heard they're more strict than US law, and they might run into problems going through customs.
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    I would suggest contacting the RCMP for traveling with guns information thru Canada.

    Sounds as tho they may have to go FFL to FFL.
  9. 358 winchester

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    Before 9/11 I just mailed mine to me in FL. from me in AK. via the post office and didn't have any problems the ammo was just put in with the boxes marked household goods and came down in a trailer again no problems. But this was back in 1989 so I am sure things have changed now.
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    Years ago when we entered Canada they asked if we had any firearms on board and especially handguns. We did and they gave us two options: leave the gun with them and collect the gun(s) from them on leaving Canada or mail the guns back home from a USA post office in the USA (a mile back from the border into the USA).

    Both the USA and Canada have much stricter laws and rules now so putting handguns in the trunk and traversing Canada, I believe, is not an option. It wasn't 30 years ago.

  11. Thanks for all the info guys. I think what his best option is to ship the guns from an AK FFL to one here I know locally. I just got my father's firearms here. I also think they can recieve the ammo. We plan on going to MO next summer so then I can transport them out to him personally. I don't think he knows any FFL in the area they are retiring to so that might be a good option.

    I knew you guys would have a good answer. I always try to find someone outside "the box" to help when I get stumped and you folks have yet to fail me. . . .
  12. D'OH! I forgot my Geography. :eek: Skip the guns in the trunk plan!! Or put your car on a ferry from Alaska to Seattle! :D
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    Thought I posted yesterday. ....

    Lived in Canada for a decade, daughter still there. Handguns have been restricted for, literally, decades regardless who you are. NOT AN OPTION TO PUT THEM IN THE TRUNK ...unless you want to gamble losing them, your vehicle, etc!

    Canadian Customs/Immigration MAY seal them (and they had better be sealed when you reach the south side)! I was able to do this. But, each crossing, and seemingly each agent, has their own interpretation ... and their good and bad days ... like all of us.

    Call Canada Customs and ask directly. If close enough, drive over and ask face to face. Make it clear you are crossing the Province of BC only to get to the US!!! I found most agents to be reasonable. I crossed the border, N-to-S and S-to-N, many times with LONG GUNS. Not a big deal but you do have to complete the right forms.

    Talk to UPS/FEDEX. You are shipping US to US and I bet they have a bonded process.

    Let us know!!!!
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    I would do it through an FFL if it were me. It is only 4 handguns...
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    This is still the best, legal and less problematic. Just let your Dad ship them to himself, at your house. Pistols have to go overnight and ammo as ORMD. Rifles can go USPS. Perfectly legal and they'll be waiting for him when he gets to your place. THE FIRE ARMS HAVE TO BE LEGAL FOR HIM TO OWN IN YOUR STATE! Have fun.
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