How to remove frozen cylinder pin?

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    Try some wintergreen. Go to your local dentist and beg for it. Soak it overnight and then try to remove the pin. I have used this for years to loosen up stuck or frozen items. Works about 60% of the tiime.
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    double entry
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  3. Bigbill

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    Jun 7, 2011
    When using heat don't go higher than 400 degrees the metalurgy of the steel starts to change at 400 degrees.

    Blackpowder is very corrosive so its pretty much rusted stuck. I would try the PB blaster and soak it for aweek everyday. Then try to turn it or move it in and out till it frees up if you can. I have a lot of faith in using pb balster its bailed me out and saved my butt many times before. Also i'm not sure if they offer anything in the blackpowder line of products to fight and free up the parts from the corrosive blackpowder they may offer something special for it. You may want to look at or at You can also do asearch for; "blackpowder solvent rust free" alot of info comes up that may save you time too.

    When the blackpowder guns are shot they should be cleaned really good so no corrosion will happen. I've seen rust happen really bad on these guns. Bill

    Once you get it ready to reassemble put a tad of anti seeze on all the metal to metal moving parts so this won't happen again in the future.
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    The trigger pin on the BHP is held in by a spring sitting in a groove. It usually taps out, but sometimes the groove is deep and you have to actuallyl lift the spring out of the groove to free the pin.

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    When you heat a entire gun, all parts get hot,ergo all parts expand.
    Dry off the WD 40, it doesnt penetrate, liquid wrench at least let it sit for a day or 2 try using something that has light vibrations to allow penetration, same on the screw and spring. If not loose, remove hammer, lightly tap end of cyl pin with a brass punch not hard metal.
    Also LR inside cyl pin housing of frame
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    Nov 18, 2015
    So I read this thread due to the same exact problem, mine was in a 1858 New Army Buffalo, sitting rusted for 12 years. In reading these ideas I settled on using a press. It Worked!!! I was one press away from breaking the punch but it worked!

    So the longer version is I removed every screw, handle, trigger, pins, everything i could, Even twisted off the barrel (with lube). then soaked in wd-40 overnight (its all i had) I drained 3 cans that no longer sprayed. In reality I dont think it penetrated to the rusted section but oh well. so I put the pistol pointing down with the cylinder resting ton the press blocks (both sides of cylineder). then mounted a heavy punch in a chuck and starte pressing. It helped having another person watch the gun and punch as at one point the punch bowed out 1/8 of an inch (scary). but it broke free, a few more repositionings also changed to a tapered puch (to avoid bowing out) then pressed the pin 80%free. needed another 1.25 of an inch to go so cut a brass rod (filler) and dropped it on top of the pin to then push it out the rest of the with the punch. Not easy but it can be done.
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    I don't know if any of you guys here use this, but I had to use it on a seized bolt on my tractor once...

    Mix equal parts of acetone and ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

    From the April/May 2007 edition of Machinist's Workshop.
    Penetrating oil-Average load
    None-516 pounds
    WD-40-238 pounds
    PB Blaster-214 pounds
    Liquid Wrench-127 pounds
    Kano Kroil-106 pounds
    ATF-Acetone mix-53 pounds

    I have not verified the actual results, but it really works for a penetrating oil, and a lot better than WD-40.
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