Hoyt FastFlite Compound Bow

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    I went perusing the pawnshops today and found a Hoyt FastFlite compound bow. I have been thinking of getting into bow hunting lately and this one was in pretty good shape and already had many extras on it so i purchased it. What I need to know, besides everything about compound bows and maintenance, is how do i take the string off safely. I have bowhunted before and used to be a pretty good shot when I was a kid but I always used a recurve or a longbow. This is my first Compound. Any help or information is greatly appreciated;)

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    What is your draw length and is the bow's range in that area?

    What is the let off of the cam? I suspect 50%.

    That is an older bow and I suspect has a teardrop string assembly. I have an old Browning Coyote that has the same set up and I used it for over ten years and it worked great. Make sure the cables are sound.

    Throughly check the limbs around where the cam attaches to be sure there are no cracks in the wood coated fibergalss. If there any cracks on the limbs or cams at all it's worthless. Make sure you look really close under good light.

    As I said earlier that is an older bow and wouldn't pay more than $75-100. $100 if it's primo.

    To change the string: If it's teardrop you draw back the bow slightly (I used to put my foot and use one hand) and attach the new string to the other side of the teardrop and ease off, grasp the new string and draw it back a ways and take off the old string. The strings are made of dacron and will stretch after some shooting. You will need to put on a nock, silencers, etc.

    If it's in decent shape and not outrageous it will serve you well.
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    yeah its in superb shape for its age. I think this ones from around 89 or 90 so its going on 20. Pull weight is adjustable from 65 to 80 lbs. and the string as best I can tell is in decent shape. cams are in good shape and the limbs are clean. i spent a good hour scoping it out before taking it home, cost me 70 bucks out the door. Im gonna take it over to smithfield archery in ft. worth tomorrow or the next day to have them give it a good tune up. The draw length is about as far as I can reach so ill have to have it shortened up a bit. I shot a practice arrow with it after checking limb tension and my arrow split when it hit the ground. This is a powerful bow, the most powerful I have ever shot, but thats not sayin much since its my first compound. Im gonna use it mostly for pigs, deer and fishing.

    One more question... I know from past experiences with long bows and recurves that you have to twist the bowstring for a uniform string. Does the same apply to compounds? I used to twist my recurve 1.2 times per inch of string.
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    If your are not absolutely sure about changing the string I would let someone else ( the archery store) do it. With the tension on those things, they can get out of hand quick. very awkward to mess with. I have not archery hunted in a few years and when I opened my bow case the string was just laying loose in the case. Took it to a archery store and had a new one put on for around $25. Very much worth the $$ for me. You might also want to get your arrows cut to your draw length and if you use real feathers on your arrows you will want to coat them with something. When they get wet they are messed up till dry. I changed to plastic fletching but I still think the real ones fly better, just not when wet.
  5. I take my bow to the shop to get the string changed. They have a bow press that can safely take the tension off the string for replacement. They can also check everything out to make sure it is all top notch. If you have a good bow shop you can ask any question and they will be happy to help you out.
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    sweet that looks like my best bet anyways, plus I can get some tips from the guy running the shop. Thanks guys:)
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