HR 45 -- Gun Rights Licensing Test

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    This is from Gun Laws.Com

    Here come the gun grabbers. It is time to take action.

    Call,Write and email your Represenative in the U.S.House.

    With Eric Holder as Attorney General gun owners are in trouble.

    Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, from Obama's home state and with a voting record on gun ownership as bad as Obama's, introduced a bill on the first day of the 111th Congress that shows what we can expect.

    If we don't defeat this bill, and others expected to follow it, gun owners will lose guns and the industry will suffer harm beyond description.

    Under HR 45, if you can't pass a complex test written by the U.S. Attorney General (described in detail below), pay the tax, give up fingerprints and a biometric-capable photo of yourself (that can be turned into a digital facial-recognition number and used as a de facto national ID), every gun you own will become contraband and subject to confiscation, while you stand trial before imprisonment.

    You'd think Bobby, a former black panther, would know better.
    Your rights will have an expiration date, and if you screw up and miss it, you'll be in the same mess as people who can't pass the test. Can you say "unconstitutional"? Do you think these "gun bigots" care?

    Now that the Supreme Court has made it clear in the Heller case that government can't ban guns, the Brady's have stopped saying they want to ban guns.

    So the virtually treasonous Bobby Rush bill doesn't ban guns, it bans gun owners, maybe by the millions.

    How many gun owners read poorly or don't test well?

    How many can't explain local, state and federal gun laws?

    They'd become prohibited possessors under HR 45. Are there any limits to what the AG can put on the test?

    The bill doesn't mention any -- it gives the AG a free hand to include anything.

    Had enough? HR 45 has an innocent-looking line that says 'strike the second sentence of 18 USC 926(a)'. That's the line that says the federal government cannot make a central registry of gun owners.

    The anti-rights people have to repeal that line, because Bobby's bill flat-out creates a central gun registry. Every gun owner must be registered to keep on possessing the guns they already own, and any transfer of any kind must be registered as well. The mark of the beast is upon us, to apply a metaphor.

    See the bill for yourself (click "Bill Number" and enter "HR 45"):

    Read the gun-ban list the antis have already published:

    Get a book on how you can be more effectively politically:
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    Our old blacksmith once claimed California was "The largest open-air squirrel cage on earth".
    It seems the Land of Lincoln is vying for that title -

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    Sure, go here

    Then copy and paste this `Child Gun Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act of 2009' into the box that says Search Bill Summary & Status and hit enter.
    Repeat with `Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act of 2009'

    I have always had a hard time pasting links from that place that actually work for more than a day. I don't get it???? Sorry about that.
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    Man, is there some scary crap coming down the pike. Heading off to join the GOA.
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    Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 - Amends the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to prohibit a person from possessing a firearm unless that person has been issued a firearm license under this Act or a state system certified under this Act and such license has not been invalidated or revoked. Prescribes license application, issuance, and renewal requirements.

    Prohibits transferring or receiving a qualifying firearm unless the recipient presents a valid firearms license, the license is verified, and the dealer records a tracking authorization number. Prescribes firearms transfer reporting and record keeping requirements. Directs the Attorney General to establish and maintain a federal record of sale system.

    Prohibits: (1) transferring a firearm to any person other than a licensee, unless the transfer is processed through a licensed dealer in accordance with national instant criminal background check system requirements, with exceptions; (2) a licensed manufacturer or dealer from failing to comply with reporting and record keeping requirements of this Act; (3) failing to report the loss or theft of the firearm to the Attorney General within 72 hours; (4) failing to report to the Attorney General an address change within 60 days; or (5) keeping a loaded firearm, or an unloaded firearm and ammunition for the firearm, knowingly or recklessly disregarding the risk that a child is capable of gaining access, if a child uses the firearm and causes death or serious bodily injury.

    Prescribes criminal penalties for violations of firearms provisions covered by this Act.

    Directs the Attorney General to: (1) establish and maintain a firearm injury information clearinghouse; (2) conduct continuing studies and investigations of firearm-related deaths and injuries; and (3) collect and maintain current production and sales figures of each licensed manufacturer.

    Authorizes the Attorney General to certify state firearm licensing or record of sale systems.

    I wonder what color shirts and boots these SOB's are going to wear?? Look out, here come the goose stepping morons to license (read collect) your arms.
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