HS Supermatic Citation Part 2

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    Apr 26, 2001
    Not to despare anyone, but I have learned from Colt......just because "you" haven`t seen it, does not mean it doesn`t exsist.

    I`m going to post 12 new/better pictures of this HS for folks to look at again.
    The work involved by someone (if custom) was very laboring.
    The barrel address means the barrel was not milled down.
    The front sight on the rib is staked with two pins-milled-blued and very hard to see, I have taken a picture at a steep angle and high contrast (only way to see it)
    This rib is fit to this barrel, with a radius running the length, until it steps up flat to match the receiver/slide.

    **EXPLAIN** The Victor models dual cocking serations that appear to be a milled slide from a rear saddle sighted HS. I will remove the ramp in the morning-the barrel does have grooves on either side of the missing front sight, now just need to know which models were relief cut and not screwed on.

    Serial Number 125093x
    Slide Marked "HI STANDARD"
    Barrel Address "HIGH STANDARD MFG. CORP

    The bluing is a perfect match along with the polishing lines through out the pistol.

    Where matte finish appears, it matches the top of the rib.

    The slide may have the rear sight stake pin and I guess this would mean the slide was milled too, the entire slide.


    If custom built---who built it and I doubt one was built
    or, custom built by or for HS
    They did have experimental pistols.

    If you actually held this pistol in hand, you would think it factory.

    So here it is again.
    Please note how the rib is thinner at the front and becomes thicker at the rear and the quality of the taper.


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    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001

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    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001

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    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Alrighty.....here`s a few without the rib. A few questions though.
    What was the weight in "oz`s" for these to qualify for the range events?
    The reason I ask is because the underside of this "steel" rib has large areas of reliefs removed. Also just how much metal was removed from the top of the slide? That appears to be factory, the roll pins and bluing also. Though the top of the slide appears to be two different colors---they are the same.
    The bullet shape is where the radius ends of the rib. I removed the grips in order to show the same bluing color of small parts and the frame--once again the pictures appear to show different colors--that is not the case.
    I have tried to remove the barrel but am affraid to force the button.

    And what barrel had these grooves and the longer of the tongue & groove sight mounting slots. Also, just how far apart are the mounting screws on the Victor ribs??? Was this barrel big enough in diameter to slab it-have the factory radius on top and the crown remain centered??? Wasn`t the Victor barrel the same on top except for the sight slot-sans maybe the rib effect on the barrel itself?? Was the Victor barrel recessed target crown or the typical flat muzzle like Rugers HB`s without the recess.

    Where else are numbers or markings likely to appear on these.

    Humor me..........

    Anywho......here`s more


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  5. Shooter45

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    MIke, I don't know who did the extensive work on your HS but they did it right. Very nice. How does it shoot ??

    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    S45.....scared to shoot it because all I have around here is full power and extra full power .22`s. I had about 7 or 8 low powered (subs) I tried those and could never tell if it ejected and picked another round up, each time I checked--sure enough it had ejected and reloaded and I never felt it. Strange feeling, the only way I knew it fired was the report---because you don`t feel a thing AND I mean nothing.

    I felt it was set up at 50 yards and tried the few I had there, they hit at the very top of the target (100 yard NRA small bore) Meaning this and it may just work out that way and not some cool thing.

    Aimed dead center it strikes dead center at the top of the target, but if you aim at the very bottom of the target it strikes dead center bullseye---now the funny part:

    When you have the standard sight picture at fifty, the sights bracket the full target......hand movement seems nil this way---raise it to the target bullseye and you can see your hand wave like a flag, so bracket the bottom of the target and wala.......seems to just lock on.

    Might be able to troll into town mid week and find some low power stuff and get it on a bench. I have to admit......I just spent serious time on building a RugerMk1 and while I was excited-the HS has removed that feeling in less than 10 rounds.

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